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The Bourne Identity (2002)

2012 Update: Let's take a look back at The Bourne Identity.Ten years ago, director Doug Liman launched what would become a stylish, tough, influential franchise and gave Matt Damon the kind of solid action-hero identity that Tom Cruise has been seeking his whole career. (Sorry, but Mission: Impossible's Ethan Hunt is nothing more than an action figure. Jason Bourne is a character.) Now, on the weekend of the release of The Bourne Legacy, a fourth film that seeks to start the Bourne-franchise … [Read more...]

The Bourne Supremacy (2004)

2012 Update: It's been eight years since the release of The Bourne Supremacy, which has, over time, become my favorite in the Bourne franchise to revisit. (This weekend, the series gets an unnecessary fourth episode).The original remains the strongest in terms of storytelling. But the sequel's sense of momentum, its deepening of Jason Bourne's character, and its spectacular action bring me back again and again. (It has developed a reputation for having unleashed confusing, chaotic action … [Read more...]