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Here Comes Good Letters Post #88. What Movie Should I Choose?

I'm about to write my 88th post for the Good Letters blog, the daily blog hosted by the prestigious IMAGE, a journal of the arts and religion.It's such an honor to contribute to that beautiful, one-of-a-kind blog. Such a colorful, talented, insightful family of bloggers contribute there, often providing the best thing I'll read that day. (Take today, for example, when one of my favorite bloggers, Allison Backous Troy, wrote a heartfelt reflection on Pixar's Brave.) I can't believe they … [Read more...]

From “Sinister” to Stephen King

Deadline reports that Scott Derrickson, enjoying the success of his new horror film Sinister (here's my review), is moving to direct a film based on a Stephen King novella called Breathing Method. The adaptation was written by Scott Teems (That Evening Sun).What's it about? The novella was part of the 1982 King collection Different Seasons and was the only story in the volume that hasn’t yet been adapted. If focuses on an elderly physician named Dr. Emlyn McCarron who recounts an incident in … [Read more...]