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Disney’s Frozen Get Chilly Reception (From Some of My Favorite Critics)

"There’s nothing I’d like more than to tell you, at the end of this year of relentlessly disappointing family fare, that Frozen — very loosely inspired by Hans Christian Andersen’s The Snow Queen — is a musical fairy-tale triumph: a throwback to the days of Beauty and the Beast, like many critics are saying."That's how the great Steven Greydanus begins his review of Frozen.Can you sense the pending "But..."?  Here it comes. … [Read more...]

How to Be Rebellious and Have a Better Black Friday

You could go out into traffic, join the long lines at Best Buy and Target and Wal-mart and [name your favorite box store here].Or...You could sit at your computer and sift through the sales announcements that are filling up your in-box.Or... … [Read more...]