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April 30: My One Sentence Bible

  What is My One Sentence Bible? Jesus did not hide from living, speaking and working within the public discourse. Followers of his must have the courage to be as faithful and bold. [John 18:15-27] Cowards use any means available to them to wrongly accuse those bringing a new peaceful way to live. Others are [Read More…]

Video: Jim Henderson Interviews Andrew Marin

Check out this wide ranging interview that Jim Henderson (from Jim Henderson Presents) conducted with me last week. It includes a variety of topics from a recent Dan Savage article in The New York Times speculating about The Marin Foundation, to the need to “function in reality,” to the ways in which our culture can reclaim [Read More…]

April 29: My One Sentence Bible

  What is My One Sentence Bible? You cannot have peace without joy and pain. [John 16:16-33] Prayer is more about thanking God for opportunities to copy Jesus and being empowered to bring heaven to earth, than anything else. [John 17:1-26] Jesus continually reminds his followers they cannot fight and engage others the way culture [Read More…]

April 27: My One Sentence Bible

  What is My One Sentence Bible? You know those who love Jesus by how they love others because that is what Jesus taught. [John 14:22-15:17] Perspective: Is your personhood hated by others? Or is it the way in which you counterculturally engage life in very hateful spaces? [John 15:18-16:3] There is a time to [Read More…]

April 26: My One Sentence Bible

  Sorry for the absence of My One Sentence Bible series! Here it begins, again… What is My One Sentence Bible? People always want to make secondary issues primary. To Jesus, ‘love’ is always primary. Stop confusing ‘love’ for what you think is more important, because it’s not. [John 13:31-38] Jesus is a flesh representation [Read More…]

Youth Workin’ It interviews Laura Statesir

This week Laura Statesir (our Director of Family and Youth) was interviewed by Youth Workin It. You can see the original interview on their site here. For your convenience I have posted it here: As part of our series about different types of youth work, this week we have an interview with Laura Statesir who works [Read More…]

Pizza Face.

A horrible story of oppression happened right before Andrew and I’s eyes while sitting in the Bleachers at Wrigley Field last week. We had to do something, but what are the ethics of stepping-in? Here is that journey. [Read more…]

Living in the Tension – Mon. 4/22

We will be meeting for our regular Living in the Tension gathering this Monday, April 22, at 7pm. In light of the events last week with the tragedy in Boston, we wanted to discuss ideas about our humanity with regards to our respective faith backgrounds. Are we inherently evil and damaged individuals who occasionally happen [Read More…]

When Abortion Became Real

This post is written by Brenda Marin, originally posted on her blog–much of which details our journey of infertility. Another hot button issue in our country is of course abortion. I must admit that I am in most accounts Pro-life and always have been. My faith and my moral framework have shaped this as a [Read More…]

Rest for the Go-Between

Brian Gee received an M.A. in Biblical Exegesis from Wheaton College. When he’s not working, Brian enjoys writing from his own experiences at the intersection of faith and sexuality. Originally from southern California, he lives in Chicago’s western suburbs with his wife and two kids. You can check out more about Brian, or get in [Read More…]

Why Not Answer?

This post is written by Michael Kimpan, our Associate Director at The Marin Foundation. — It strikes me as odd that in an increasingly pluralistic and post-modern society, there is still a seeming addiction to closed-ended, one-word, YES or NO answers that sum up an entire worldview and perspective that tells me if you’re one [Read More…]

My Response to Dan Savage’s Accusations about The Marin Foundation in the New York Times

This post is Andrew Marin’s response to Dan Savage’s accusations about The Marin Foundation, which appear in the Sunday April 14th edition of The New York Times. [Read more…]

I Wish People Would Keep It Real When Talking About Sex

PS- 99.9% of the world don’t look like these two… But don’t let real life non-model looks dictate your marriage’s sex life! This post is from Andrew Marin, President and Founder of The Marin Foundation. The other day on Twitter I noticed someone retweeted an article from Relevant Magazine on the 4 Things We Wish We [Read More…]

Forgiveness: The Key to Bridge Building & Reconciliation

The following post is from Trista L. Carr, Psy.D. Dr. Carr is a Clinical Psychologist and has a private practice in San Francisco, CA. She completed her doctorate inclinical psychology at Regent University in Virginia Beach, VA, where she was a research assistant for the Institute for the Study of Sexual Identity. She obtained an M.A. degree in Community Counseling from [Read More…]