We’d expect that some workers in some jobs experience God’s presence on a regular basis. You’d hope, for example, that your pastor is aware of God’s presence while writing a sermon. And you’d expect that a hospital chaplain pays attention to the Lord in his or her workplace. But what about the rest of us? What about those of us who have so-called “ordinary” jobs, like bankers and beauticians, mothers and managers, technologists and teachers? Should such “ordinary” workers expect to experience God in their work? Read more

Can your work make a difference in your faith? Could what you do every day, whether in your office, store, cubicle, or kitchen, help to form your soul and your relationship with God? Yes. I think so. And I think this is worth some conversation. Read more

Though I think napping at work is a fine idea, I recognize that not everyone has the freedom to recharge in this way. There are other ways, of course. A brisk walk can restore our attention. So can an afternoon latte. But, if you’re feeling sluggish and have the opportunity to do so, I’d recommend a short nap. Fifteen or twenty minutes will make a big difference. Read more

Why did Advent matter so much to me? Why had I come to love this season that was generally ignored? Among many reasons, two stand out. Read more

Advent doesn’t get much attention compared to Christmas, though interest in Advent is growing steadily in many churches and in many Christian homes. Read more

I believe that Advent can enrich both your celebration of Christmas and your relationship with God. Yet, for many, Advent is unfamiliar. My goal in writing about Advent is to explain some basics so that you might choose to celebrate it, if you wish. Read more

Everyone (rightly) assumes sexual harassment is wrong. But why is it wrong? What’s the reasoning? Read more

Do you want to ruin your holiday celebrations? If you do, I have a suggestion. I guarantee it will work. Read more

I recently stumbled upon an article with a striking title: “Your Most Powerful Forgotten Weapon: Gratitude.” Written by David Horsager, this article appears on the Forbes website under the theme of “Leadership.” It does seems to me a bit ironic to refer to gratitude as a weapon. Weapons, after all, generally wound or kill people. Gratitude often heals and gives life. But I get the use of the weapon metaphor in this context. Leadership experts sometimes talk about people having… Read more

I have experienced how much being thankful can make a difference in my own leadership. Read more

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