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Follow the Money, Find Your Heart

BIG Idea: Follow the money, find your heart.As a teenager, I had an addiction. A secret sin, something that consumed my thoughts and threatened to overtake my life. I was addicted to cheesy Christian music (cue "friends are friends forever" by Michael W. Smith). Back when music was still sold by the album on plastic discs, I bought all that I could get my hands on. I bought music by Petra, Newsboys, Audio Adrenaline, and even a little Christafari.I soon found that there was a dark side to my … [Read more...]

Start With Why: How Great Leaders Inspire Everyone to Take Action, by Simon Sinek

Why do Apple, Southwest Airlines, and Harley-Davidson have cult-like followings? What separates them from their competitors? They start with WHY.My first encounter with Simon Sinek was his famous TED Talk. He briefly shared his concept of the Golden Circle and how it applied to businesses today. A few weeks ago, I saw him speak live at Catalyst Conference and was impressed with his presentation of the same subject matter.His book, Start With Why, encapsulates his philosophy and is a … [Read more...]

What Style of Fighter are You?

Yesterday in my message "How to Fight Your Spouse," we looked at ten unhealthy ways couples like to fight. Read the list and see if any of them describe you!1. Stonewall Jackson - this is the spouse that emotionally shuts down in a fight. The more your spouse yells, the more you become like a an emotional wasteland of human recognition. It's like you're in an emotional coma. Your spouse says, “Why won’t you talk to me? Let’s talk this through,” as you’re grabbing your keys and heading to the ca … [Read more...]

Five for Friday

Here's a Five for Friday: political edition. I know everyone's a little tense with the election. Let's feed the dog that's barking the loudest this week:The Politics of Trust - why don't we trust our politicians anymore?The Church & Politics = A Mess - great words from a guy (Perry Noble) who tells you how it is.The Inconsistent Logic of Abortion Rights Advocates - want to get politically touchy? Let's talk abortion. Great dissection of the flaws behind the abortion rights … [Read more...]

Synchronized Ushering

The world of ushering is itself an art form: the subtlety, the unspoken solemnity, the majesty of it all. Many ignorantly focus on the type of the offering plate itself (KFC bucket vs. oversized cloth-covered dinner plate vs. two-pronged velour bag). What captivates me is the movement of the ushers themselves. Being raised in church, I’ve seen just about every type of ushering move there is.The Jolted Usher – This is the usher whose only real reason to come to church is to get to pass the off … [Read more...]

Why "Your" Money Isn't Your Money

Big Idea: God owns everything. I’m his money manager.In the spring of 1994, I held a small piece of paper that would forever change the way I lived. I had just started my first real job, where I was a food service technician (i.e. waiter) at an upscale retirement home. Never changed a bed pan. Just needed to say that. The piece of paper I held was my first paycheck. I had busted my tail for two weeks at $4.50 an hour (whoop whoop) and had received something like $164 for my first paycheck. It w … [Read more...]

Quitter: Closing the Gap Between Your Day Job & Your Dream Job, by Jon Acuff

Books rarely start with a tutorial on how to remove your clothes in a bathroom stall. This book does. The trick apparently, is to start with your shirt. Doing a drop test on a door hook is an absolute must. Trying to balance something on the back of the toilet? Forget about it.These words of wisdom let you know from that outset that this isn’t going to be like most other books. Jon Acuff was a serial quitter. He held eight jobs in eight years, moving from one to the other, hoping that the next … [Read more...]

What Your Wedding Vows Were Really Like

If you missed church this weekend at Mt Vernon Church, then you missed a faux wedding for the ages! When you walked into our worship center for the services, you encountered ushers wearing tuxedo tshirts, Pachelbel's Canon in D playing lightly over the speakers, and the stage decked out for a wedding.After choosing either the bride's or groom's side, you watched as the wedding party made it down the aisle, until it was just me (as the minister) and our bride and groom to be. At this point, you … [Read more...]

Five for Friday

Have a great weekend! Thanks for reading this week. If there are any topics in particular you'd like me to write on in the future, email me at josh@mtvchurch.comWill Someone Please Lead Us? - Frustrated by the political climate in Washington? You're not alone. One Christian leader's angst expressed for all of us.Three Ways to Nourish and Cherish Your Wife - Great advice that CJ Maheny would give you if he were sitting down with you at Starbucks.If You Want to Succeed in Business, … [Read more...]

The Day My American Arrogance Was Destroyed

In a dusty village in the middle of the African bush, my American arrogance was destroyed forever. While living in Africa over a decade ago, I worked in the country of Botswana with college students. While there, I had several opportunities to take excursions into the bush. For one week, I had the opportunity to be a part of an advance scouting mission to the remote village of Diphuduhudu. (It's fun to say, try it: 'Di-poo-doo-hoo-doo.' See, wasn't that fun?)I was asked to go by another … [Read more...]