Quoting Quiverfull: Parents Create Fat, Lazy, Rebellious Kids?

Quoting Quiverfull: Parents Create Fat, Lazy, Rebellious Kids? October 18, 2017

Lori Alexanders Brainby Lori Alexander from The Transformed Wife – Raising the Most Overweight Addicted Medicated Generation in History

Editor’s note: This article was all over the internet like pink eye in an elementary school last year. I’ve seen it not just at Country Living, it was published at Redbook, Woman’s Day and countless other media sources. The article makes a good point on how to get good behavior on a consistent basis, but yet again Lori misunderstands what is actually being said here. Nowhere in the piece does it mention fat-shaming children at all! There is also no mention of creating addictions in children or medicating. Complete reading for understanding failure mixed with her own personal deranged issues.

On another note: You might have noticed that NLQ went dark with no new published posts for most of the month of October. I’m sorry that had to happen but I was caught without electricity or internet for the first part of the month due to Hurricane Nate hitting Costa Rica and just tearing the place up. The roads here are still in sad shape in some places but the electricity is back on. While dealing with this we got word that my husband’s mother had become gravely ill, meaning in the midst of hurricane wreckage we had to immediately leave for Texas. My mother in law passed before we got there. It was a four day journey from our home in Tamarindo to the States involving puddle jumper planes, sleeping in airports and other hardships that left little or no time for an update here. I am resuming regular posting schedule now that I am back at my home.

Country Living did an article called Why Parents Today Aren’t Strict Enough“Children were treated like pets or — worse — release-valves for their parents’ stresses and fears, then expected to magically transform into healthy, functional adults. Which is why we’re the most overweight, addicted, medicated generation in history.”

I visited with a neighbor yesterday who raised one son. He was never given any boundaries. He ate what he wanted, when he wanted, watched what he wanted, and went to bed when he wanted. He is in high school now and she is ashamed of him. He has brought so much pain and suffering into their lives. She looked at me and said, “You did it right. You were black and white parents; ‘yes’ meant ‘yes’ and ‘no’ meant ‘no.’ We were gray parents and we are now paying the price.”

We raised our children with a lot of boundaries. We were considered strict parents. They didn’t get to choose what and when they ate, what they watched, and when they went to bed. We decided these for them when they were young. I made most of their food from scratch and made sure they ate a lot of fruits, vegetables, and healthy foods. They weren’t allowed to watch much television but spent a lot of time outside playing and reading, instead. They were given clear boundaries and disciplined for disobedience. Child raising was a pleasure for us but it took a lot of time and energy when they were very young. It became easier as they got older.

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