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When Trolling Meant Something Else… I gotta admit sometimes trolls are a little entertaining. -Paul [Read more…]

When you pray…

I’m defending the Constitution Something that is always entertaining to me is when I am forced to partake in prayer for a military ceremony or during a family day even right before they let you start eating. I have found it amusing how other atheists and freethinkers have turned this event into an opportunity to [Read More…]

This is the death of rock

You may not know it, but you’re about to lose a close friend. The Death Of Rock I’ll be back if/when I’m healthy. [Read more…]

I suppose I look at the slimepit differently

Ophelia Benson just posted with some slime-bait, and I think she made an excellent point. I started writing this in the comments section on , but realized it was getting too long. ***Edit: I do not support myself. Comments are hereby suspended. I fucked up. This post was a massive fail. I thought I could solve [Read More…]

Our Girl Zoe VS Our Boy Roy

All military personnel miss major milestones in their families lives – especially gay and lesbian couples. I’ve missed a few, and my infant daughter screamed at me as if I was a monster when I held her at the airport terminal last November. Six months had passed. For all she knew, I was the goofy [Read More…]

RBB 2 faces another setback, festival date no longer known

Paul Loebe is frustrated, and rightfully so. He’s in a delicate position, and he’s already had multiple people claim he made career-ending moves. All he’s done is asked Camp Pendleton to host a single atheist event – Rock Beyond Belief 2 – just like the massive list of Christian events at the base. It is [Read More…]

New product for toddlers who are caught brown-handed (NSFL)

Potty training disasters are inevitable. A company called “Heaven’s Lil Blessings Boutique” has developed a product promises to exacerbate the problem. If you like kids with shitty fingers, this is for you! “Great for little hands that can’t quit figure out how to keep their hands clean / covered when wiping.” I know it’s bad form [Read More…]

This man has a finite number of after-lives

How many? Three Two. Don’t forget, there is a specific place where you go when you die. [Read more…]