Vox click: Top posts from the past week

Just in case you missed something this week, here are the 10 posts that got the most attention in the week ending Friday.

1. ‘When pigs fly’

2. ‘God trusted them — women on the margins’

3. Dobson, Huckabee get a bit of push-back from mainstream evangelicals

4. Evangelism is not sales (again)

5. Regarding Jephthah’s daughter

6. NRA: What does the Antichrist want?

7. Twas the night after Christmas

8. Sunday salmagundi

9. We’ve been good but we can’t last

10. NRA: We’re back in the car again

"I'm wondering how he was raised, to have that kind of ignorance, arrogance, and self-entitlement."

Broken arrows
"A realist would start suing for peace while he could get favorable terms. For their ..."

Broken arrows
"I think that is a large part of Donald Trump's outlook. (I couldn't write mindset.) ..."

Broken arrows
"I like how Franken is Jesus and the women he felt up against their will ..."

Broken arrows

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