Top posts for March

In case you missed them, here are the posts that got the most attention here last month.

15. Tim LaHaye pans script for ‘Left Behind’ reboot

14. NRA: Like there’s no tomorrow

13. The adults who taught and encouraged this are guilty of child abuse

Posts labeled “NRA” refer to the novel “Nicolae: Rise of the Antichrist,” not to the National Rifle Association. Just wanted to clarify that so we don’t get our delusional, frighteningly influential, paranoid institutions mixed up.

12. Michele Bachmann, Rick Warren: Telling lies for Jesus that hurt poor women

11. NRA: A responsive reading

10. NRA: Mojo rising

9. ‘Stop it, punish it, corral people, shame people’

8. Noah’s ark, manna, and a convenient device for ignoring the inconvenient point

7. NRA: Not of this world

6. Christian college fires woman for not getting abortion

5. A delusional fantasy ‘on fire’

4. Culture-war diaries

3. Notes from the Culture War

2. Hop on pop — Bergoglio now Pope Francis

1. The ‘biblical view’ that’s younger than the Happy Meal


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