Deep in History

Writing from Columbus, Ohio. Marcus Grodi’s Coming Home Network is an apostolate that ministers to non-Catholic clergy who are on their journey to the Catholic Church. Marcus is the host of the popular Journeys Home program on EWTN.

This year’s conference is on the English Reformation. Next Autumn it will be on the history of the church in the New World. This weekend I’ve been privileged to share the platform with English friends, Joanna Bogle and biographer Joseph Pearce. It’s also been great to see Marcus Grodi, and hear fellow converts Scott Hahn and Paul Thigpen speak so eloquently about the terrible times of the English Reformation.

Added to this has been the wonderful opportunity of meeting many converts to the church and to hear their moving stores of faith and sacrifice to enter the Catholic faith.

Next year CHN are planning regional day conferences. They are fantastic and inspiring opportunities to meet and share the faith. Keep an eye out for them and don’t miss them if you get the chance.

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  • I’d like to go to one of their conferences. Maybe next year! I wasn’t protestant clergy, but I was the son of one!

  • you’d be welcome! No matter who you are, it is a great time of fellowship and encouragement in your faith.

  • Really enjoyed meeting you, Dwight. As I was telling you this afternoon, I thought your talk on Friday night was fantasic. Loved the PowerPoint presentation.

  • Dwight, the conference sounded so great! BTW, have you ever been a guest on the Journey Home?

  • I’ve been a guest on Journeys Home, and also part of Marcus’ panel program on Anglicanism

  • I would really like to read your talk on the Celtic Church. Are you planning to put it online?

  • My talk on the Celtic Church is published in the latest issue of This Rock magazine…