Taking Holy Orders

I once joked to a priest friend, “You say you took Holy Orders as a celibate. As a married man I have to take holy orders everyday. My wife orders me to do this and orders me to do that…’

By God’s grace I was ordained deacon yesterday in the Cathedral of St John the Baptist in Charleston. Nice touch… to be ordained in a Baptist cathedral here in the homeland of the Southern Baptists.

The main picture is myself with Bishop Robert Baker. The second pictures me and Bishop Baker with Fr James Parker, the first former Episcopal married priest to be ordained under the pastoral provision back in the late 70s. He happens to be a priest of our Diocese of Charleston.

As I face ordination to the priesthood two weeks from today, my reflections have been recorded in a piece to be published in the National Catholic Register next week. You might want to check it out. Amy Welborn has picked up on this and comments.

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  • Congrats. What an honour. I am in the early days of discerning. Heck, I’m in the early days of being a Catholic. God’s best to you in your new ministry.

  • Congratulations!

  • Congratulations and God bless!!

  • Congrats Dwight! We’ll keep you in prayer for your upcoming ordination to the priesthood.

  • Thank you friends! This was a long time coming, and I can say with full confidence, ‘Wait on the Lord, Wait I say on the Lord.’For ten years I have waited on the call of the church to the priesthood, and now it has happened everything about it is far more perfect than if I had tried to make it happen my way.

  • Wonderful! Congratulations, Dwight, and all the best.Mark

  • Congratulations!

  • Congratulations, Dwight! How this must make wife and children proud! May it be also for your spiritual children!

  • Congratulations, Deacon Dwight! May the Lord bless mightily your diaconal and (very soon) priestly ministry.

  • Congratulations, Deacon Longenecker. There certainly are wonderful things happening in the Southeastern corner Ecclesia Americana.

  • Congratulations. Very good news!