All in the Family

The Longenecker Family: left to right: Benedict, Madeleine, Fr Dwight, Theodore, Mother Alison, Elias, Bishop Baker.

Benedict was crucifer, Madeleine, Elias and Theo processed with my priest’s vestments. (This was the most amazingly wonderful sight!) Alison sat in the front row and just took it all in with a huge grin….and wet eyes.

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  • Esther

    What a beautiful family! God bless you all Fr. Dwight.

  • Brother

    Congratulations Father!~Brother Rex

  • Dean

    That is absolutely awe inspiring! Congratulations!

  • Br Lawrence, O.P.

    That’s a wonderful photo. Congrats again.

  • LYL

    Now I’ve got wet eyes! Congratulations!Louise (in Australia)

  • Cynthia Kerr

    May St. Therese continue to interecede for you as you begin this incredible new journey in your Catholic Faith. Way to go!

  • Andrew

    Truly, you have been given the grace to manifest your spiritual Fatherhood through being a Father to your family. May your example as a Father in the Home overflow to your children in the House of God as well.God bless you Father.

  • The Sheepcat

    Beautiful, Father!