First Holy communion

This is our youngest son Elias at his first Holy Communion a few weeks ago.
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  • Cool threads, Father.Very nice.

  • I didn’t realize you had a son, Fr. Longenecker! He looks a lot like one of my cousins in the United States. I am sure you taught him well! Congratulations, too 🙂

  • Many congratulations to Elias.

  • How 9th child & 2nd son makes his June 10th..God bless Elias!

  • My (eldest) son made his 1st Communion a couple of weeks ago as well, a very special time… notice he was my ELDEST son.. I am of course still youngish!!!

  • Did you get to celebrate Mass for his First Communion?(Congratulations by the way!)

  • I concelebrated the first communion Mass and was the preacher.

  • My son made his first communion today. It was wonderful. The teachers in his class, and the whole parish community really got on board. It was a beautiful celebration. And the gospel and readings for Pentecost were so apropos.Come holy spirit, and fill the hearts of your faithful…Warren

  • Fr Dwight,You came to our church once and spoke to my husband after Mass. he was thinking about crossing the Tiber at that time and you said you would pray for him. We said we would pray for you to receive ordination-and we did.My husband entered the Church and received his First Holy Communion and Confirmation last year on Aug 13th. Thank you for your prayers.

  • Jeron

    Elias is adorable. Congratulations!