Witnesses of the Ascension…

…so it did happen on Thursday!

Blind Benjamin Franklin
Did I Become Catholic Because I Hate Women?
Is Mary the Catholic Boy's Pin Up?
Is Catholic Anglican Ecumenism Over?
  • http://www.blogger.com/profile/01186202810919174492 Mac McLernon

    ;-)Very amusing Father…

  • http://www.blogger.com/profile/12695652221601203187 Fr. Daren J. Zehnle


  • http://www.blogger.com/profile/04298493682961935337 Mrs Jackie Parkes MJ

    Very funny!

  • http://www.blogger.com/profile/06117353945124506952 Carolina Cannonball

    “Is that Mahoney in a hot air balloon, Your Eminence?”

  • Ginger Calabro

    ROFL. Love it!