Corpus Christi in El Salvador

  • Apostolic Anchoress / Rowena Hullfire

    I have a beautiful cross from El Salvador–some nuns there sponsor an artist’s workshop, to help sell their goods to first worlders and thereby earn a good income. Brilliant idea.The cross is painted with a village scene, fields, animals, a church, a wedding taking place, mountains, sun…it is incredibly sacramental in its representation of the goodness and holiness of the whole of life: all endeavors, all phases of life, it’s all God’s plan for us. It is so beautiful and vibrant and it just gives you a sense of peace and blessing to gaze upon it. It is my favorite cross.

  • Apostolic Anchoress / Rowena Hullfire

    I should clarify…not the nuns getting the good income, but the local artists. Yikes. My clunky grammar gave a bad impression of exploitation! Nooooo!