Silence is deafening

After the disastrous defeat of the pro-life cause in Britain this week, why have we not heard from the Catholic bishops?

Does it really take so long to stand up, call a press conference and denounce Parliament’s decision? I understand the complexities and subtleties of public relations and diplomacy, but sometimes we need to hear a prophetic voice. 
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  • In answer to your question I would like to ask: How many so-called Catholics have prayed for their Bishops or fasted for them or done the same for their priests over the past 40 years ?Now that the silence has died down, I only want to ask if anyone feels they can possibly say either a decade of the rosary, or have a Mass said, or offer ANY prayer whatsoever, whatever denomination you may be, it would be very gratefully received.Naturally, there is now a lot of anger; From those who support/procured/carried out/paid for/underwent abortion in their own lives. The 350 men and women who voted for this status quo (worst in World) will not be at peace, either, and the danger is now, that they will become even more brazen.Many good people in the UK did fight this, to no avail. Consolation is what they need in the short term, and strength now for the fight ahead. And secondly, a change of collective heart is what is needed for the nation that has made Death its mascot. I believe this can be reversed. But Please pray. Thankyou. And thankyou, Fr Dwight. (You`d better be in front of that Walsingham Woman big-time at the moment.)

  • Dwight,This may surprise you and your bloggers as it comes from me, an Evangelical but the problem is not the bishops. They have spoken out bravely and clearly before, during and now after the vote. Check Catholic news agencies.No. The problem is not the Catholic bishops, especially great bishops like Cardinal Keith O’Brien who draws praise from Evangelicals in the UK.The problem is that the Sunday pulpit in the UK has become an abortion, contraception, living in sin free zone. Priests, with a few exceptions, are scared to raise these issues.The bishops can speak out and hold press conferences and go on TV and radio but unless the parish priest speaks out and the laity stop swallowing the secular nonesense, then abortion is here to stay.In my Evangelical church, a couple living together will be quietly told they cannot stay members unless they live apart or get married. My Catholic priest friend has the attitude ‘well, at least they are making some sort of commitment and maybe we can work on that and encourage them and as long as any chidlren are baptised and go to Catholic school, what’s the problem.’Anyway, enough blogging from me (no cheers please) as I’m orf to write book number two.I pray your bishops’ brave leadership reaches the laity.James

  • Actually father, we did hear from the Catholic bishops. Just very very softly. (with the exception of Edinburgh). And when the bishops in this country do open their mouths loud enough to be heard, the pro-life people cringe and start looking for ways to undo the damage.