Kitty Stands Up for Tradition!

This article from the Daily Telegraph says Mrs Schori will be asking the ABC to stop parishes and diocese defecting from her church because it ‘goes against tradition’.

It’s okay, of course, to break with tradition and have female clergy and homosexual bishops.
Come along, Mrs. Schori. This is a  “new and fresh direction of the Holy Spirit. We need to be courageous and not be afraid in the face of something new. We need to break the bonds of legalism and step into a new age of freedom and acceptance of all blah blah blah”
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  • Gail F

    I guess tradition is only important when property and money are involved.

  • Fr. G

    Watch out….the Anglicans/Episcopalians are imploding.

  • The young fogey

    Spot-on, Father. Such people playing high church is the height of hypocrisy.

  • Thursday

    it certainly makes me wonder as to what the final fruit of this lambast er… lambeth conference will be.

  • Éstiel

    I will never feel guilty about my sarcasm again.

  • Dan

    Stop breakaway groups from defection because of conflicts of interests? This goes against tradition? Isn’t breaking away exactly the act that formed the Anglican church?