Ancient and Modern

Sister Schneiders says the trendy sisters have “given birth to a new form of religious life.” Read it here. At least they now admit it. The trendy sisters in mini-habits are doing something which isn’t really Catholic anymore. Sister says she’s not really very concerned about the new investigation into women’s religious orders that is [Read More...]

Contraceptives and the Economic Collapse

Everything is connected and it may sound absurd to link contraception with the economic collapse, but think about it:  History will look back and decide that artificial contraception was the most radical and earth shattering invention ever devised by mankind. When the link between the sexual act and procreation was broken it not only changed [Read More...]

UK Teens having Abortions Soar

This article from the Daily Telegraph  records the soaring rate of teen pregnancies in the UK. They have the highest rate of teenage girls getting pregnant in the developed world, and half of them now end by killing the baby. The pro aborts actually say publicly that the 50% abortion rate is a good thing because the stigma [Read More...]

Hoisted on Their Own Petard

The title is a great Anglicism meaning they were blasted by their own firework, or ‘it all backfired’. For readers who have missed this fascinating soap opera, The Tablet is a left wing English ‘Catholic’ weekly that’s been around a long time and thinks it is an important voice of English Catholicism. Last week one [Read More...]

Ash Wednesday

Blessèd sister, holy mother, spirit of the fountain, spirit of the garden,Suffer us not to mock ourselves with falsehoodTeach us to care and not to careTeach us to sit stillEven among these rocks,Our peace in His willAnd even among these rocksSister, motherAnd spirit of the river, spirit of the sea,Suffer me not to be separated [Read More...]

Alternative Ash Wednesday Liturgy

Remember: Say the Black. Do the RedFor this liturgy the celebrator shall wear a black overall with a day glo work vest to identify with the working people of God. On his head he shall wear a black hard hat with purple trim. (A purple pompom may be added by Monsignore)The celebrator shall assemble the [Read More...]