Therese Visits England

The relics of St Therese are on a tour of Britain this week. Christopher Howse (a solid Catholic journalist in England) writes about it here.

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  • Laura R.

    The veneration of relics is an aspect of Catholicism that I'm going to have to get used to gradually, I think. Once I would have had nothing to do with them (pieces of dead bodies, ewwwww!) But if it is rooted in ancient practice going back to the Fathers, I'll obviously have to take a second look. I suspect that I'll find unsuspected treasure, which is what tends to happen when I start to investigate areas of Catholic faith that I once would have avoided.

  • Clare

    I found the comments on that piece really interesting and very revealing of the general antipathy toward religion, especially catholicism, here in the UK.When I read similar news or opinion pieces on US sites , the comments are much more varied and seem to have a broader sweep of opinions,across the spectrum from sneer to respect.Saint Therese, pray for England!

  • Natasa

    Thanks for the link. I will try and make it to Newcastle for the veneration.The comments to the article were terrible. People are getting more and more hostile to Christianity in the UK. I felt too intimidated to write something positive there.

  • Bernadette

    We're going to greet Therese tomorrow. We can't wait. We are as excited in our house tonight as if it were Christmas Day tomorrow. She arrives in Birmingham UK around 2pm with Mass for the sick at 4.30. There is also a youth Vigil from 9pm until Mass at 6 am Sunday.Prayers for you and yours, as we touch her casket, Fr D.Bernadette.

  • Bernadette

    Just read some of the above comments. May I say that the media coverage in the UK has been wholly positive and accepting.The BBC has even give her proper due. The Indepdendent on Sunday newspaper did a wonderful quadruple page spread on her from the Catholic journalist, Joanna Moorhead, and Radios 4 and 5 have done very positive interviews about it this week. I caught Msgr Keith Barltrop on Radio five one evening this week at about 6.55 pm. He was great.I was amazed. I was expecting an onslaught of the usual medieval supersition stuff.I think Therese must have been praying overtime this week that her dream of doing good on earth is fulfilled. Even in the media.We need to give credit where it is due. The media coverage in the UK has been totally supportive and open and receptive. It is a time of real and tangible grace. Let's enjoy it.

  • Clare

    Just read some of the above comments. May I say that the media coverage in the UK has been wholly positive and accepting.BernadetteI think you may be referring to my comment.I do agree, and yesterday made the same point about the (surprisingly) positive media coverage in a post on my own blog.However, when it comes to the 'vox pop' there is a clear difference between the US and here in the UK where cynical denigration of all things religious is overwhelmingly the majority response.

  • chloesmom

    Unfortunately, there is a really nasty piece about the relics tour of the UK in the Comments section of The Sunday Times online, which I read earlier this evening. It's full of the usual claptrap of "papist surperstition", and the writer asserts also that there is too much "tolerance" for this sort of thing in the UK. But I guess it's OK to build mosques all over London. Sigh … I live in Canada, and when St. Therese's relics were in my area a few years ago, it was a privilege to be able to visit and to venerate them. I felt sad for the writer of that article — she doesn't "get it", and the tone of the article is a sterling example of British sarcasm and snootiness (sorry, Father, but I think you know what that can be like — sort of Todd Unctuous with a UK twist!)…. Anyway, I'm sure that the faithful who visit the relics will pray for the skeptics, so St. Therese will continue her mission of bringing souls to the Lord.

  • Bernadette

    Update: The media coverage today(Sunday's) has not been so enthusiastic…. a backlash I would guess, against the feelgood factor that Therese has generated !The visit yesterday was out of this world. Amazing. Many young people and families. Queues an hour long to get into the cathedral. A man joined our queue who had been driving past and was curious to know what was happening, so he parked and decided to come in ! The relics inside were accompanied by a beautiful Icon of Therese which stood at the sanctuary steps. Despite the crowds and constant movement in and out, there was great peace. As we left in the evening the queues were still forming. It was beautiful to see a local Carmelite group of sisters there. Two of them seemed very young and just radiated joy. I found it hard to take my eyes off them. It was a very special day. I would hope this month will bring many graces to this country.

  • Steve

    Matthew Parris atheist, 'gay', ex-Member of Parliament wrote in The Times that those who venerate the relics are dupes and rages against the bishops for permitting something so preposterous. He was on the radio a day or two later complaining about the fact that he was beaten when cruising for partners in a public park! The latter is to be permitted the former to be stopped at all costs!