Six Black Cordelias

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Blind Benjamin Franklin
  • Ansgar

    "Nothing would surprise me about your religion."

  • sold

    As a child in grade school I remember contributing for "pagan babies". The entire class would scrounge up their pennies and Sister would announce the amount for the month. I recall friendly (or not) competition between the grades to see who could buy the most "pagan babies". I never thought about this activity for the next 40 yrs. 2 summers ago, a Bishop from an African country came to our parish collecting for the missions. He told us about his life and how his parents had converted to Catholicism. In the end, he looked out on the congregation & announced with pride: "I am your 'pagan baby!'". What a treat to hear how our pennies had been working throughout the years.

  • Rachel Gray

    Wow, sold, great story!And Father, I've always loved that scene. :)

  • johnf

    Father, if you read CJ Sansom's Winter in Madrid you will notice that the author introduces a character who is clearly based on Cordelia. I wonder how often characters appear in other authors' books?