Mantilla the Hon Shares

Casteller from Mike Randolph on Vimeo.

Ok hon. Don’t never say that Spanish people don’t know how to have fun. This is one of our national past times you know? Like when we have big tomato fights and the bulls chase the boys through the city streets. You should come to Spain sometime. Maybe for the World Youth Day? Come and meet me. Mantilla will be there hon.

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  • Mike Cliffson

    ¡¡¡Viva Fr Dwight!!! Youth:Madrid 2011 awaits you.God +the Pope + youth … what's to complain of ? and in Spain, with it, 2011.Be a Pilgrim.Sadly, these days of security, you can't get to anything without previously signing up. Time was, you could just turn up.Lament not the past! Get organized NOW ! Parishes here 400miles away are already organizing putting up youngsters in our homes …in case this combox is allegic to links, some are, go to triple w dot madrid11 dot com , add slash en for English.Mantilla got it right:Spaniards always been serious about three things and three things alone, their religion, their public fiestas and having fun, and their food. The first -onlythe first- is minority now .And hmmm if you want to make a good catholic marriage , there's a good many happily married faithful Catholic couples, and progeny! now, who met in Poland , or Monte del Gozo here in Spain, or Colgne, Oz too I'd suspect. No guarantees, but the Lord provides. Pester your pastor, provoke your parish, bowl over your bishop, dement the diocesan offices, torment your teacher, scalp your scoutmaster, until they get a group organized!

  • Anthony Brett Dawe

    England – read Glenda Slagg- sharescompris today's 'Private Eye'[a satirical Brit mag also on line]fromTHE ALTERNATIVE ROCKY HORROR SERVICE BOOKNo. 94 A Service of Watery Welcome(formerly Holy Baptism)The President: Hello everyone.All: Hi.The President: I'd first of all like to say welcome to the parents (here he may say Sandra and Phillip or Colin and Nigel or Trish and Maggie)All: Awesome.Teh President: And not forgetting the star of the show (here he indicates the infant). What name have you chosen, guys? (Here the parents may give the name or names they have selected: Starburst or Hosni Peregrine Worsthorne). Will the 'Baby Buddies', what we used to call Godparents, please step forward?The Solemn VowsThe President: Do you, Baby buddy, promise to take an interest in the general wellbeing of our little friend here?Baby buddy: Cool.The President: do you, Baby buddy, further pledge to remember to give a Top shop voucher or iTunes card to baby N or M at Chrismas and birthdays?Baby buddy: We shall remember them. (At this point there will be a reading from an interview with St. Elton John the Baptist or some similar uplifting commentary on the nature of positive parenthood)The Watery Welcome(Here the President will take the baby N or M having first satisfied the Criminal Records Bureau that he or she is a fit an proper personto make physical contact with a minor. The President will then place the baby in the Church paddling pool with some suitable toys- it may be a rubber duck or a sustainable fish, but NOT a submarine)The President: You may now take pictures of the baby but only those of you who have undergone a full vetting process from the social services.All: Whatever.The President: Will we now sing Hymn 94, 'By the Rivers of Babylon' by Boney M. and the parents have just asked me to say that you will all be welcome back at their place for a big booze-up as soon as this boring bit is over.All: Way to go.Approved by th General Synod of the Church of England, 2011{but not really it is a joke, ED}

  • Mike Cliffson

    PS:Madrid 2011 world youth dayMy mistake: the webite says that YOU CAN just turn up unregistered and not paying and that there will be areas for the unregistered at all the main papal events.Bound to be a certain amount of security hassle notwithstanding, I'd expect.


    I want to do that!

  • Gina

    Wow Mantilla, the Spanish sure do love Castles, eh? I mean Teresa with her interior ones, these folks with their climbing ones…thanks for sharing, Hon.

  • Shandon Belle

    Dear Father,Please add our blog to your blogroll. Following the great blessings that came from the Year for Priests we thought that a Holy Year for Nuns would be a great blessing to the Church. You are very welcome to adopt the idea and we would be very happy if you would promoted it: bless you!

  • Cetti’s Warbler

    Sorry to be pedantic but these are Catalans from my late mother's home town who would be mortally offended to be described as "Spanish". A quick search on youtube (Castellers de Vilafranca) will entertain you with more castles.

  • Bee’s Blog

    Huge contingent going from Trinidad and Tobago. Much spiritual preparation going on at this end.