Catholic Evangelism in the Bible Belt

I’ve had this new idea for Catholics to evangelize. We are getting these holy cards with a Catholic image on the front, and we’re printing Bible verses on the back. Then we get the folks in the parish to purchase them and hand them out like Evangelicals hand out gospel tracts.

You keep a few of these in the glove compartment or your wallet or purse, then when you’re at a restaurant you leave it along with the tip (better leave a generous tip though!). At the drive through you hand one to the gal at the cash register. At the supermarket you ask if they would like a holy card.

An example would be: Jesus picture with the chalice and host, and on the back it says, “Jesus said, ‘This is my body. Unless you eat the flesh of the Son of Man you do not have life within you.” Another one would be a holy card of the Blessed Mother with the texts on the back: Jesus said, “Behold your Mother…Honor Your Father and your Mother.” Mary said, “All generations shall call me blessed.”

I think it is a good idea. Now all we have to do is get Catholics up off their lazy backsides to do something about it!

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Big Hearted Francis

    I'm with you Fr. I shall attempt an electronic card version for my Facebook and Tumblr pals :).

  • priest’s wife

    another idea- have a few good pamphlets on the rosary with all the mysteries and the Bible verses relevant to that Mystery- when people say we worship Mary, showing how the rosary is really a meditation on the Life of Christ is a good way to begin

  • kkollwitz

    I like this. A lot.

  • Sheep 1

    What a great idea! I hope you've checked out my website where I post antique holy cards I've repaired and restored. They might not be to your taste but there is a lot of variety there. I really find the older cards more inspiring than the newer ones.Here's the link:"He Gently Calls Us"

  • Bernie

    Great idea, where can we get these holy cards Father?

  • Kathy O’Donnell

    I would buy them – AND pass them out!

  • Highland Cathedral

    You keep a few of these in the glove compartment or your wallet or purse, then when you're at a restaurant you leave it along with the tip (better leave a generous tip though!). At the drive through you hand one to the gal at the cash register. At the supermarket you ask if they would like a holy card.Great idea. But be careful who you offer them to:

  • Janice – Go FISH Outreach

    HelloI am Catholic living in the Bible belt! I started a grassroots Catholic evangelization org called Go FISH Outreach ( which stands for Go Forth and Invite Someone Home! Its about IGNITING Catholic to reach out and INVITING others to reach in! We made all kinds of shirts and bracelets with on them. We have forwarded that site to the Catholics Come Home site which is awesome. We have 2000 bracelets and 200 shirts out there so we can become walking billboards for our faith. We are working on Catholic Tracts to but I love the holy card idea. has the cheapest prices by far! Peace to you allJanice

  • Philip

    If you make it, I will buy!

  • Bethie

    Holy cards, pamphlets, etc. are all fine, but ultimately people are attracted to our faith when they see our joy, and say "what makes you so happy? I want that!"

  • doctoreric

    If you make some, I will purchase them to hand out.

  • GoodTxGrl

    I love this idea. I'd totally buy them!

  • truthfinder2

    I like it! And as Father said, if you leave them at your restaurant table, PLEASE leave a very generous tip as well. Sadly, waitresses are often "stiffed" by church groups.

  • Brent Stubbs

    I like the idea. I had a similar idea that was shot down on twitter (@2bcatholic) on Jul 24. I am with you.

  • Sheep 1

    P.S. to what I posted earlier.When I started my holy card website, what I envisioned was that people might be interested in making paper copies of beautiful antique holy cards either for their own use or to give away to others as a kind of apostolate. Some websites charge to download high resolution digital files but I wanted them to be free. At about 400 pixels per inch, it is possible to print a very sharp copy.I would be happy to help anyone who might be interested in finding holy cards already printed or in printing their own using images from my website or elsewhere on the internet. If I know what people want, I would be happy to adapt and accommodate.The cards on my site are almost all at least 100 years old although I do sometimes include some that are from 50 or 60 years ago. There is a wide range of styles from the naive and childlike to the more classical styles including engravings from the late 19th century. I don't do much to promote the site but there are hundreds of images and nothing would please me more than to have them in the hands of people who would print them and hand them out to others, sharing the faith and the beauty at the same time. Kay

  • blumen

    Love the idea. Will we be able to purchase them online?

  • H. Hobbit

    Umm…..? This is a joke, right? I mean no disrespect when I say that I am a Catholic trapped in a protestant body. It is my desire to enter the Church, and I am all for evangelizing! The Catholic faith needs to be shared. Yet I am sitting here envisioning some poor waitress who at one table gets a Holy Card with a picture of Mary, and then at her next table discovers she has been left (with a good tip) a Jack Chick track! Catholics, don't become like protestants. Desire us to become like you instead.

  • Anneg

    Great idea, Father. I'd love to. These are very different from the Jack Chick tracts. First, they are pretty.Catholic particularity (or peculiarity) often leads to opportunities to at least say you are Catholic and, sometimes, starts a conversation. Wearing a Miraculous Medal, saying, "No, I don't eat meat on Friday," mentioning I came here right after Mass and being joyful and tipping!btw, I know people who sometimes leave tracts. They usually aren't big tippers.

  • joan

    Great thing to do! In some cases we could start with our own Parishes/priests.

  • Deacon Ed

    Good idea. Also include the name of the local parish and the contact name and phone number for the RCIA coordinator for that parish. You might also include the name and number of the Director for Catholic Evangelization at the chancery.

  • Elaine

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  • Omaha Greg

    Wonderful idea.Alas, most of all we need to share them with our Latino brothers and sisters!

  • curtis bratcher

    As a former Southern Baptist, I would agree with your plan, only make sure you put scripture references when you quote scripture, it carries more weight with protestants.

  • Suburbanbanshee

    The major difference between tracts and holy cards are that holy cards are intrinsically desirable and collectible (because they have nice pictures and prayers on them). It's not so long ago that holy cards were used as small prizes in school, and I know I was always happy to see a new holy card in back of church when I was a kid.A few people do collect Chick tracts, and there's a certain ironic following for the illustrations. But I can't imagine that they give anybody a warm and fuzzy feeling.Whereas I got a new holy card Sunday, and it made me feel great! (Infant of Prague, of all things. It showed the parish's own statue.)

  • Arkanabar T’verrick Ilarsadin

    I'm going to super-double-echo that bit about ONLY leaving them for servers when you also include a GENEROUS tip. I waited tables for six years, and every time I got a tract tip, there was never any money. Servers strongly suspect that Church People equate stinginess with Godliness, and that God hates a generous giver. We all preferred waiting on a generous pimp to waiting on a stingy Christian, and we were all really annoyed with the Church Lady hostess who told him she didn't like his business, which he then took elsewhere.Tracts + generous tips would DEFINITELY make Catholics stand out from Church People.