Atheism: The Opiate of the People

Yesterday there was an atheist rally in Washington DC. that attracted about 10,000 people. (compare this to the March for Life with probably 30 times that number) I thought it might make an interesting exercise to turn the atheist’s guns back on themselves. Using the kind of rhetoric the atheists and mainstream media use against the Catholic faith, here’s how it would go:

Nearly a thousand atheists gathered in the Mall in Washington yesterday for a rally. The dismal weather reflected their sad message. An aging college professor from England spoke about atheism and tried to enthuse the crowd. Several comedians and television presenters also spoke.

The speakers tried to be enthusiastic about a message which is alternately sad and angry mish mash of political correctness, tired left wing activism and an out of date sexual libertarianism. The aging activists tried to make their message sound radical and controversial, and if they actually had any power it would be, for beneath the benign activism and pleas for ‘tolerance’  atheism is actually the most murderous and vile belief system the world has ever seen.

The fact of the matter is: atheists are killers. It began with the French Revolution where rationalists and atheists killed millions with their efficient killing machine the guillotine. Not content to simply wipe out their enemies, the rationalist mobs went on the rampage looting and thieving and destroying ancient works of art, architecture and culture.

The French Revolution was just the beginning. The killing continued in wave after wave of atheistic violence. The Russian Revolution, the Chinese Revolution, the Nazi Revolution, the Stalinist Regime, Communism, the Khmer  Rouge–all were avowed enemies of God, the Jewish religion and the Catholic Church. The gas chambers, the killing fields, the concentration camps, the slave labor, the medical experiments on living subjects, the torture, rape and murder of little children–all this is the fruit of atheism.

Atheists are in favor of abortion and euthanasia. This means they are misogynistic haters of women. They invade the womb of a woman and tear her child from it–leaving untold psychological and physical damage to the poor woman who they then throw out into the street without any concern for her welfare.

Atheists favor abortion. This means they dismember little children who are still alive in their mother’s wombs. If they don’t do that they scald off their skin with chemicals, then pull them from the womb and kill them. They kill old people and terminally ill people in their beds without their consent. Atheism and utilitarianism are two ugly sisters who happily imprison, torture and kill millions of innocent people to create a ‘better world’.

The Lords of Atheism reign supreme from their posh studies in Oxford, Cambridge or the Ivy League. Dining at the high table with the rulers of the world, they inhabit their mansions and summer homes and live high off the hog while the poor suffer at their hands. All the atheist rulers are rich–most of them old, rich, white men who conspire together to eliminate black people through abortion and “population control.” and “reproductive health.”

They churn out their vile propaganda–destroying the faith and trust of innocent children and harmless people who only want to practice a faith that inspires them to love and forgive one another, feed the  hungry, clothe the naked and help the poor.

The harsh and unyielding atheists instead attempt to brainwash innocent children in their ‘secular’ schools by insisting that they cannot say prayers at school. They cannot learn a theory of the world’s origins that includes an intelligent designer. They forbid with force all teaching of religion and so abuse children by denying them the innocent beauty of a simple faith.

Yes, atheism is the true opiate of the people. The vast hoards suck it up like a drug. What a delight it is to them to never have to think about heaven or hell or a final judgement. They can now do whatever they like. They can pursue their own selfish pleasure and become more and more numb. Like drug addled addicts they have smoked the opium of atheism–wallowing in their pleasure, they think they will never have to take responsibility for their actions.

The opium of Atheism allows them to live in a dream world where they can indulge themselves for their whole life and never have to give account for what they’ve done. How can they live in such a dream land–such a land of manufactured, seductive lies and a sweet belief that when they die they will “simply cease to be”? What shallow and sad wishful thinking!

This is merely a lie concocted by those who are afraid of death and the afterlife. Instead of facing the fact of heaven and hell and judgment with courage and determination they have fooled themselves into believing that there is no afterlife and that they will simply go to sleep one day and not wake up.

One could criticize atheism and atheists in such terms, but of course that would be unfair. It would be sheer exaggeration and propaganda based on bigotry, ignorance and hatred.

And we wouldn’t want that now would we?

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  • Mary Kathryn

    It was amusing to see this headline at New Advent:

    “20,000 atheists rally at National Mall in Washington; Richard Dawkins urges crowd to “ridicule and show contempt” for Holy Eucharist and other Christian beliefs…”

    after seeing this headline featured at the top of the page:

    “Hundreds of Thousands Gather for Papal Mass in Mexico”.

  • Scotty Ellis

    Out of this whole heavy-handed and self-congratulatory satirical article, one little irony piqued my humors: “The vast hoards suck it up like a drug.” Yet I thought you were bragging in the introduction that 30 times as many people showed up for the March for Life? It is difficult to turn rhetoric around successfully when it doesn’t fit. Quite apart from the truth or falsity of atheism, at this point it is still the case that atheism is a departure from the norm, which is still undoubtedly religion and some accompanying faith in God. As such, it is still a small movement, and like most movements which tend against the norm it is generally populated by more reflective people (even if they are wrong).

  • Howard

    You could probably get just as many people to rally in favor of a return to Prohibition, and frankly, atheism is every bit as dated an idea as Prohibition. Atheism had its day, but it is highly unnatural, never really completely caught on, and is fading *fast*. In fact, I would say that there are almost no real atheists in the West these days; most self-described atheists are in fact unobservant pantheists. This makes them only a little different from the more common pantheists who make use of an idiosyncratic blend of ideas and rituals gleaned from religions around the world.

  • Anthony

    Of course it was “heavy-handed and self-congratulatory satirical article,” it’s a parody of the thousands of similarly “fair minded” articles, news bites and “reflections” on Catholicism.

  • Jason
  • Luke T.

    Yes, the MSM does indeed bias their coverage of religious events toward the negative as you have done. A word about so called atheists. I haven’t met one yet who isn’t angry at God. Therefore they are far from disbelief or lack of faith. These folks, like Satan do not disbelieve otherwise how could they be angry at something that doesn’t exist! This includes Mr. Dawkins.

  • Rick

    *In fact, I would say that there are almost no real atheists in the West these days*

    Do you live in the same west that I do? If so, you have your head in the sand.

  • TDJ

    A great satire which I took the liberty of translating into Spanish and make available at my blog, for my Spanish-speaking audience at the following URL:

    El Ateísmo: el opio de los pueblos.

    Please, pass it to your Spanish-speaking friends.


  • Barb

    A great satire. Thanks, Father, and keep it up. We don’t use this literary technique often enough in words or visuals, but it is very effective.

  • Perdido

    Ouch! That’s going to leave a mark!

  • Hieronymus

    Let’s not be influenced by mere numbers. Can 20,000 people be wrong? Sure they can. Also, can science prove the non-existence of God? Sure it can’t. Enough said.

  • shieldsheafson

    Father Dwight, you forgot those other high expressions of human dignity; ‘gay pride’ parades; abortion and euthanasia clinics; ennoblement of human degradation, etc.

    Great rant, though!

  • Corey F.

    Exactly. The only true atheism is a complete indifference to God and his Church, a complete inability or unwillingness to recognize the need for his Presence in one’s life. Ironically, these self-avowed “atheists” probably spend more time thinking about God than many theists. If they really, truly believed that He does not exist, they wouldn’t bother to expend the energy.

  • Howard

    No, I just look a bit more closely.

    Most of the people who call themselves atheists still imbue Nature herself with spiritual attributes, even latent consciousness. The only alternative would be to be an extreme nihilist, which most of them are not. They simply can’t be bothered — except, perhaps, on rare occasions as the mood strikes them — to observe any ritual regarding Nature, which they figure would be deaf to them anyhow.

  • Howard

    I would also say that if you are an atheist, your children will be Wiccan, and your grandchildren will be Muslim.

  • Scott W

    You have to be “reflective” once you start looking at porn for three hours a day, or kill your unborn baby, because then you need to explain sin away. All ethical and political philosophy is at first personal, and when it is something like atheism, it always begins with sin (usually lust and pride).

  • Scott W

    Actually, children of atheists might become TLM-loving Catholics (after a few detours)! I know several cases like this.

  • Adam Stevenson

    Great piece! Very entertaining. We need more comedy on these websites. Keep it coming. Our atheist group nearly laughed out of our chairs. We’d love to see more.

  • Steve

    The atheists of the French Revolution came only after the Catholic Kings refused an alliance with the Sacred Heart of Jesus. The Russian atheists came only after Pope Pius XI and the Popes that followed, refused to establish devotion to the Immaculate Heart of Mary throughout the world. So what is your point exactly?

  • Scaevola

    The weakness of Catholics may well cause a backlash of atheism. But it in no way justifies it. Both are extremes that should be avoided.

  • Montague

    Actually, Atheists are by logical definition non-entities, since by definition God is a supremely existent being, and if one does not believe Our Lord exists, then he must conclude that the universe holds such a position, or more commonly, the person himself (ie – “looking out for #1″). If you didn’t believe in ultimate existence-ness, then you cannot believe you exist.

    Ok, so maybe, MAYBE, Buhdists are Atheists – no, scratch that, they actually think the same as us on the origin of things (albeit, in our case we think that when God dreams that means that thing is REAL. XD ).

  • Fr Levi

    Thanks, Father. It certainly put a smile on my face.

  • Lindsay

    haha … there’ s so much truth in that simple statement.

  • Steve

    Scaevola says: “The weakness of Catholics…”

    Not weakness, failure! Failure from those entrusted with a solemn commission to lead the flock. From Our Lady of the Rosary at Fatima, “If what I say to you is done, many souls will be saved and there will be peace.”

  • Falsum

    Your grasp of history, science, philosophy, ethics, and basic logic is surprisingly weak. Your own Saint Aquinas, who believed that theology could be studied only after these subjects are mastered, would be ashamed. As an atheist, however, I’m just amused.

    Except when you called me a killer. Don’t do that. As a Catholic priest, you inhabit one of the most fragile of all glass houses.

  • Fr. Dwight Longenecker

    The piece was satirical.

  • salvage

    >One could criticize atheism and atheists in such terms,

    No you very silly person you could not.

    It’s simple, atheism is the knowledge that there are no such things as gods.

    That’s it!

    It makes no comment on evolution, morality, abortion, politics or anything else outside the very simple and obvious truth; gods are the stuff of mythology, yours included.

  • Scott

    On the contrary, atheism is growing very quickly in some countries – certainly in the UK, according to national census results. And most children of atheists choose to be atheists themselves.

  • Scott

    You clearly haven’t met any atheists them. Perhaps they choose to avoid you. By definition, atheists do not believe in any god, and they can’t be angry at something that does not exist.

  • Scott

    “and if one does not believe Our Lord exists, then he must conclude that the universe holds such a position, or more commonly, the person himself ” That is a complete non sequitur. You certainly like to conform to the stereotype of religious people being unable to engage in logical thinking. Unlike the religious, we atheists do not require a “supremely existent being”.

  • Scott

    Agreed. The problem with this satire is that is confuses atheism with various political and ethical ideologies. Because religious belief systems come bundled with various political, ethical and moral stances, the religious like to believe that lack of religious belief also equates with specific political, ethical and moral stances. It does not. I’m an atheist. So was Stalin. That does not mean that we have anything in common. Nor would I seek to defend Stalin just because he did not believe in any gods. In contrast, religious people often defend co-religionists simply because they belong to the same creed.

  • Scott

    You may look but you’ll see nothing if you are blind, as you appear to be. There are indeed increasing numbers of people who do not subscribe to any specific religion, but who hold spiritual beliefs of some sort. These people may possibly be agnostic, but are certainly not atheists. I am continually amazed at how many religious people completely fail to understand what atheism is. Perhaps it is because they just cannot conceive of the idea that no gods exist, and so atheism is beyond their understanding. If religious people just accepted atheism for what it really is (lack of belief in any gods) then there would be far less antagonism between atheists and the religious. But because many religious people ascribe all sorts of political, ethical and moral positions onto atheism – and then attack those political, ethical and moral positions – atheists find ourselves having to defend our right not to believe and, inevitably, attack those who are attacking us.

  • Edd

    This is so outrageously rediculous it’s funny, French revolutionary atheist induced murder? Lie!, Nazi regime? Roman Catholic. Stalin regime? A result of left wing politics, not atheism, there is no proof anybody has killed in the name of atheism, hitler was a roman catherlic, who announced his faith several times, and on each S.S. uniform was a religious engraving, devoting them to God. In America it is a small minority, unfortunately for you theists though, this is one that will grow and grow, in the UK here, 70% of the population claim to be irreligious, with 30% claiming to be atheist, Norway, 85% atheist, France 40% , Vietnam 80%, Japan 70%, Europe as a whole over 50% atheists, the figures are growing and growing, the trend does suggest that developing countries are more likely to be religious due to poor education, and the Middle East, probably due to extreme punishments for apostacy, and teachings of Islam in schools as truth. The aging professor, is Richard Dawkins, a pioneer in his field of biology and a soldier of the truth, a true gentleman. If I was you, I would start getting used to atheism, it’s not going anywhere, and unless your intelligently inferior you won’t believe the right wing sadistic bollocks it spouts anyway

  • Edd

    I do agree with abortion, I believe a child likely to born in poverty, or as a result if rape, or deformed shouldn’t have to endure the horrific life that would proceed him/her, I do believe it should be a thought out, carefully discussed and professionally advised parental decision.
    I don’t worship satan, as I don’t believe he exists, but if you research God, you’ll find he’s a evil, genocidal, misogynistic, homophobic, filacidal, jealous, sadistic racist, so given the opportunity I would probably rather go to hell and sit with the more loving lucifer than spend a second worshipping a sadistic moron like that. Harsh I know but true.
    Lastly anyone here see the irony in a Catholic priest preaching about murder and child killing? Now that’s hypocrisy, I urge you to research the, child raping, murdering, bigoted, homophobic, misogynistic, intolerant tyrants of the Roman Catholic religion past and present. As the guy above says, as an atheist I’m just amused and relieved not to be a part of it :)

  • Fr. Dwight Longenecker

    Thanks for your comments. They’re so good they’ve made it on to my main blog.