Divine Mercy–Light in the Darkness

Recently I have been increasingly drawn to the Divine Mercy devotion. At the Catholic leadership conference in Philadelphia I met Fr Michael Gaitley–who is the director of the Divine Mercy shrine in  Massachusetts and listened to his powerful talk on the Divine Mercy.

I have begun praying the Divine Mercy chaplet every day, and have experienced a new awareness that is both deeply disturbing and deeply wonderful. Read more.


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  • KD

    Wow. I think that was the boldest, most forthright, and–yes–*merciful* post I have read in a long time. Maybe ever. Simply beautiful–and awful–because it is the truth. I have also felt very drawn to the chaplet lately. I will have a lot of intentions to add to it today. Thank you so much for this, Father.

  • Kay

    I hope people will click on the link and read the expanded piece you wrote about how badly our country needs God’s mercy. At this point, it does seem that all we can do is pray. And with each generation growing up and being taught that sin is good, it can only get worse. I think those of us who are old enough to see it, really join with Jesus in His agony in the garden as He beheld the sins of the world.

    Those in my generation lived in fear of the military might of Russia, and prayed that Our Lady of Fatima would defend the world against the evils of communism. I can’t help but wonder if somewhere in the world Our Lady is appearing and cautioning against the errors that the United States is spreading throughout the world, WE who are oh so big on human rights. Our “entertainment” industry is rotten to the core and permeates the world. I used to think our country was about helping people, helping other nations. Now I see that our helping comes at a price. Medical aid MUST include contraception, abortion, and a consequent revision and abrogation of ethical values in a nation such as Africa.

    It is indeed a tragedy to watch the country we thought we could be proud of, deteriorate to such blind hypocrisy. And yet, there are still many many good people, people who vote for what is right, even IF the courts will negate the outcome. The wreckage in our country is perpetrated by a minority. Unfortunately they are the ones with the most power. We must ALL pray for enlightenment, change, and God’s mercy.

  • John

    Thanks for this post Father! I too have been drawn to this wonderful devotion the past few weeks. I think His Mercy has and always will be our last great hope. For the sake of his sorrowful Passion, have mercy on us and on the whole world! Wake us up Dear Lord!

  • doughboy

    your point is taken and yes, we are in a cesspit and all that’s left (actually i correct myself as i type and say the *best* thing) to do is pray for Divine Mercy. but i’m also going to take a bit of an issue with what you say about the military. while we are more aggressive than need be (there was no real justification to invade iraq in my mind), we also are called upon to come to the aid of the defenseless. the u.s. military is also a great way to project humanitarian relief (which we did for the commonwealth of independent states when i was serving during the clinton administration). we support and defend freedom abroad. who was it that came to the aid of great britain in their darkest hour? yep. the u.s.

  • Greg Cook

    Thank you for a powerful message, Father. This is a message in the best prophetic tradition. What I mean is this: It finally dawned on me a few years ago that the prophets spoke out of a deep love for their people and Go’s mercy. Some people will not understand this and see any “criticism” as hateful, but it is not.

  • Paul Sutton

    Father !!!!! How true . This is for our times . Because of some spiritual difficulties , a priest told me ( in confession ) to read the diary of St. Faustina . The Chaplet was already part of my spiritual life & the Diary has shone on the prayer . Impossible to over emphasize the great blessings it`s recitation each day brings . We are blessed to have a Divine Mercy prayer group in my parish , we recite the Chaplet before the Real Presence . From personal experience it is made for sinners & confers great benefits .
    From Our Lady`s Land of the Southern Cross .
    Pax et bonum .

  • Greg Cook

    That should of course read “God’s mercy.”

  • Anne

    Finally! We need to stop the spineless acc0mmodation to a very heartless culture. Who will wake up the people in the pews? Who will tell us that being nice is not enough? The wolves are running free and the souls of the sheep are being devoured, yet no one seems to be terribly alarmed. Why not? I wonder why parishes are having fashion show benefits, raffles for luxury items, competitive sport programs, and long lists of social activities . I wonder if the early Christians who witnessed and died for Christ because they were counter cultural would have been seduced by a steady diet of soul numbing non spiritual activities that took up much of their time and effort. Would they even feel at home in some of our congregations? ChristianityLite does not stand a chance in this culture.
    Thank You Father for your post. Could we please hear more sermons like this on Sunday?

  • Jonathan Cariveau

    I could not agree with you more, Father. I have a great devotion to both the Divine Mercy of Our Lord Jesus Christ, and to St. Faustina. I also think another good Saint to invoke in this time is St. Margaret Mary Alacoque. Let us pray that these two Saints so close to Our Lord will pray that the Divine Mercy will flow upon this our country, swallowing it and completely annihilating her sin in Divine Love.

  • François-Robert Laliberté Fournier

    Up north in my country, Canada, we are not so powerfull than our neigbour of the south. But the dpravity is about the same. Abortions legaliseed in the ten provinces, gay marriage even in the army. Small army ok, but! And Father if we talk of that in the pulpit(I am a deacon for 29 years now) the very poor assembly that still come will fly away. Divine Mercy for sure for this time we are living. When I was 12 or 13, in this french province, 98% were catholic and practising the faith of our french ancesters. Now you will find about 12%! And we are selling churches! Seigneur prends pitié. Lord have pity on us!

  • Anne

    98%…12%…A total collapse. This is shocking!

  • Lee Gilbert

    François-Robert Laliberté Fournier says:
    “And Father if we talk of that in the pulpit(I am a deacon for 29 years now) the very poor assembly that still come will fly away.”

    That is the notion has kept preachers quiet for so many years. We are dying of a famine of the word of God. Priests and preachers are supposed to “Cry out full throated and unsparingly and tell my people their sins,” but they have not done that. The idea now is “you catch more flies with honey than with vinegar,” but fifty and sixty years ago when vinegar was gushing from the pulpit our churches were packed, the Confession lines were long, and we were a holy and disciplined people.

  • http://www.christicruxestmealux.blogspot.com/ Katie

    Father, thank you for posting this. I myself have been drawn to this devotion as of late. I am an NC resident and with the recent Marriage Protection Amendment I have seen how many of my friends support the idea of elevating homosexual unions to the same level as marriage. The lack of charity on their behalf is astounding. I have been absolutely devastated by it all and have only found comfort through conversation with other Catholics who support marriage and through praying the Divine Mercy Chaplet. Your words on sodomy in particular have been a blessing to me by reminding me that I am not alone in fighting the good fight.

  • Ella

    Before I became a Christian, I was fiilled with disdain for the men who would wax rhapsodic about their “lesbian fantasies” in one breath and then blast “faggots” with the next. Your piece is amazing and I am printing it out to reread and study. Thank you so much.

  • JIm

    In the final analysis almost none of us have any chance of salvation through justice. Only Christ’s mercy can save us. Certainly that describes myself.

  • John

    Father, your words are inspired and prophetic indeed.The wonderful Divine Mercy devotion , I believe has been instrumental in saving a dear friend’s life from leukemia. I bless the day I discovered this beautiful yet simple devotion.I want to make my life’s work spreading this devotion throughout Australia, where like your country, it is so badly needed.Our Divine Mercy Sunday liturgy was just so fantastic. Convened by a recently ordained priest,young, yet so profoundly spiritual, the number of those attending even more than last.

  • Lori

    I keep coming back and re-reading this and it brings me to tears. What you expressed so well has also been on my heart for quite a long time and it grieves me greatly. Everything you wrote is Truth and I, too, have come to know that “we” can do nothing … my own call is to pray, pray, pray and I have grown to love the Diving Mercy Novena.

  • Waldo

    Priest are our profets, in the sense that you teach us about the Truth. Father you will pay for it. May God have mercy on you and on us all. The truth will make us free. Jesus I trust in you.