Nazi Zombies are Real

The teenaged guys are down in the basement on X-box and when I go down I realize they are playing some horrible game where they have to slaughter everybody in sight. When I remonstrate they call out cheerfully, “It’s okay Dad. They’re Nazi Zombies.”

Have you ever thought about the meaning behind horror movies and games? Why do we like to hate the Nazi Zombies? Why does Count Dracula turn into a blood sucking monster? Why do werewolves transmogrify? What is it about the living dead? The movies are, of course, make believe (although there are some pretty creepy stories from exorcists of people who do actually transmogrify and become like beasts) but I like stories that make me believe, and what I believe from the horror movies is that real, ordinary people can be transformed into monsters. They really can be transformed into the “living dead”. They really can become mere shells of human beings with their humanity extinguished. They can become Nazi Zombies.

I can’t help thinking of these truths as I witness the gathering storm clouds in our society. The extreme, radical feminists, abortionists, homoexualists and perverts are starting to roam about in our society seeking whom they may devour. We mustn’t forget the greedy corporate executives, the bankers who earn obscene amounts of money from crooked deals, get government buy outs and then reward themselves with million dollar bonuses. We can’t forget the drug barons, the pushers and pimps, the thieves–the gang members who roam our streets or who lurk just beyond our borders. They are out there, and they are growing more and more relentless in their rage. Read more.

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  • doughboy

    All you have to do is watch an episode of *the view* and see all this laid out before you. Good post, Father.

  • nashvillensis

    Interesting you mentioned I Am Legend. In the original story by Richard Matheson (and the original movie Last Man on Earth with Vincent Price) the hero doesn’t find a cure. Instead he is captured and killed. But just before that he realizes that in a world that has become completely monster that to them he was the monster of legend. Something to think about in a world that wants to be confirmed in its sin and not reminded of it.

  • Brian A. Cook

    I’m sorry, Father, but I feel I must speak up. I have seen many liberal websites. Liberals are not monsters. They are human beings who really do try to secure justice and peace. I am not saying that they are perfectly consistent, nor am I even saying that they are all consistently fair. I am simply trying to point out that they are human beings with redeeming qualities.

  • Fr. Dwight Longenecker

    I re-read the post and the word ‘liberal’ isn’t used once. If you read the post you’ll see I am referring to radicals and extremists. I have no problem with reasonable people who have different opinions to me. You’ll also notice in re-reading the post that I criticize some people who might be regarded as ‘conservative’–big bankers and such.

  • Ancilla

    It’s worrisome to say this seems to be “sensus fidelium”. So gird your loin! And pray.

  • Brian A. Cook

    Even still, I have reservations about referring to people as “less than cavemen” and “zombies” and “monsters.” The sad fact is that the Church is routinely accused of being the abode of zombies and Nazis who seek to devour freedom and humanity. I have a complicated and difficult history of seeking truth and goodness wherever they are found. I have been gradually giving up on trying to post comments on Catholic websites, but the cursory reading of this–and I must confess to a cursory reading, and I apologize–prompted this comment. Pray for me as we all seek truth and goodness.

  • Missy

    “…worship of …. birds and animals…” Interesting that it’s in the bible. These days the ill-treatment of dogs will land you in prison + community service, but you can do much worse to a pre-born baby and everything’s just perfect. I often wonder how that thinking comes about in one’s mind. Just 30 years ago, if you didn’t want a dog anymore, you could bring it to the vet to have it put down. Now, vets won’t take them unless they’re on the verge of death or seriously bit someone (they won’t put them down anymore if the bite wasn’t serious). We’ve gone the opposite way… orphanages (resuces) for unwanted dogs, death for unwanted children. This is just a very small example, never mind about the rest of the protections for animals/punishment for cruelty we have. Thank you for pointing out that it’s all in the bible. And I learned yesterday, that a warning for the persecution of the Church is in the Catechism.

  • A Nazi Zombie

    It’s astounding how in an age of unparalleled access to information and education there are still people so willing to surrender themselves to their superstitions and bury their heads in the sand. I hope the irony isn’t lost on you that you are decrying Nazis on the one hand, and then dehumanizing “homoexualists” (whatever those are supposed to be), feminists and other groups that don’t agree with you just as they did.

    You are using a machine designed by a homosexual gentleman who was rewarded for his contributions to society by being chemically castrated by the state. Of course if you feel offended by that fact, please feel free to never use another computer again. I doubt the internet would miss you.

    You are an obscene fool spreading hate under the guise of love, and you should be ashamed of yourself.

  • Fr. Dwight Longenecker

    Thank you for your question.

    I use the term ‘homosexualists’ to distinguish those who have turned homosexuality into a violent and aggressive political ideology as opposed those who are simply homosexual by inclination or choice. You will note that I also mentioned ‘radical feminists’ as distinguished from those who may hold to common sense feminist ideals and objectives. A ‘homosexualist’ therefore is a homosexual activist who resorts to acts of vandalism, social mayhem and violent intolerance against those with whom they disagree. You’ll see from the post that I included in my approbation many others in our society who are violent in one way or another.

    Thank you for visiting the blog and I wish you all the best.

  • alvin

    Wow talk about a hypocrite. You claim to be a Christian but yet you condemn anyone who won’t “convert”. I believe it is said in that book people like you love to quote so much “let he who is without sin cast the first stone.” There are plenty of people out there that are good people who are against corporate greed who also happen to be atheists, myself included. Movies, books, and video games are nothing more than entertainment. Yes there are people that believe doing what you want regardless of consequence is the way to go. If your kids are getting the wrong message from those video games maybe you should put the blame on yourself first for not teaching them properly how to be a good person. I was raised Roman Catholic but as I got older I realized how brainwashed it makes people like you. You can live a good happy life without all that Jesus nonsense. My mom is still Catholic and she knows I’m an atheist. She doesn’t try to convert me, sheaccepts me for who I am and loves me. I am not a heathen. I am a loving caring person. One of the nicest guys you’d ever meet. I have gay, straight, religious, and athiest friends. You know what though? We all get along because we are all decent human beings. Which apparently you know nothing about. Maybe you should go read more of that book of fairy tales you love so much. I’d be interested in continuing this debate with you, in a civil manner of course so feel free to email me back.

    Sincerely, a knowledgeable atheist

  • croater

    No one cares, just let your children have fun, it’s not like they believe that zombies actually exisited, just don’t let them get addicted.