Nuns on the Run

When I was at Bob Jones University I can remember a demure undergraduate who was a bit of a bluestocking saying to me, “I really like nuns and would love to be a nun if only they were Christian.”

What she meant was that she wished there were Protestant nuns. She can be forgiven for she was only speaking out of the innocent ignorance in which she had been schooled. However, her comment came to mind this morning while reviewing this news about the LCWR. Cardinal Levada worries that the current dialogue between the Vatican and American sisters may end up being a “dialogue of the deaf”. I worry that it may be a “dialogue of the dead” as so many of the nuns on the run are so ancient.

Jesting aside–I wish I could recall the Bob Jones girl and say, “Oh there’s plenty of Protestant nuns. The only problem is that they are still in the Catholic Church.” Read more.


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  • Mary

    Thank God there are many young women entering religious life today who are eager to wear habits, live in community and be joyfully faithful to the teachings of the Church. Those religious orders are busting at the seams!


    Lord have mercy on his Church. Amen.

  • Dawn

    I agree Mary. When I first opened this link, I said out loud ‘those are nuns?’ I have never actually seen a non habit wearing nun in person, but if I did I would probably get on her bad side and ask where her habit and veil are. Not to torment her, but maybe jolt a few thoughts in her to return back to the ‘old ways’ if you may.

    There is something so beautiful in the religious life like being set apart for God and His Church.

  • lisajulia

    Word….thank you Nashville Dominicans for showing us how it’s done; living your mission while being faithful to Catholic Teaching…what a novelty ;-)

  • Sue in Japan

    The title of this post made me smile, because I immediately thought of the lovely nuns at our parish. Long before I converted, or even had a single conscious thought in that direction, I used to smile every time I saw one of them riding a bike or waiting at a bus stop as I drove by on the main road from my house to the nearest train station. I knew that the Catholic church and kindergarten were off that main road, because they are announced on the bus upon reaching the nearest stop, but they are not visible from the main road. Seeing those smiling sisters in their habits over the years gave me an unreasonable (I felt at the time) curiosity to see that church. I mentioned that fact to my husband the other day, and he exclaimed, “me, too!” So, those sisters were witnessing to us for years without even knowing it, simply by looking joyful while going about every day things in their habits. Thanks be to God!

  • Lone Star

    Meeting an Anglican nun in 1978 helped propel me into the Episcopal/Anglican church where I was well-catechized – so much so that I’m now entering the Catholic Church.

  • Christian

    When I was a parochial schoolboy I only had crushes on the habited nuns.

  • Alice S.

    Not to worry. Most of these “nuns” are older, and no one, (in other words, zippo) are joining their ranks. So, give it another 20 years, and they will be but a blip in church history, and like the flowers they wither and die. Only in this case, good riddance.!

  • Paul Rodden

    @ Alice S: The one on the right in the photo is deceased – in line with your prediction.
    Unsurprisingly, the CSJPs are no different over here in England. It’s very unfair you Americans get a visitation. Favouritism, again! :)

    For some reason, all the nuns and lays dissenters I know think that crimplene, polyester, the songs of Estelle White, 3-ch0rd-tricks strummed on classical guitars, etc., are still in fashion, and don’t seem to realise they are now OLD PEOPLE, they are not ‘with it’, and no, the young people don’t like ‘it’.
    It seems like the only thing that’s changed in their life is that they now smell slightly of wee…

  • Steve

    Alice, what an incredibly uncharitable — even unChristian — sentiment you have shared here. May God have mercy on us all, each one of us, and may no one — no one at all — say “Good riddance” at your passing. You are a child of God, God’s beloved creation — as are the nuns whom you have mocked. Thank God for their vocation and service, a vocation you certainly are not qualified to judge.

  • Peggy Hagen

    Are you mocking the nuns or the elderly – or is it open season? Do you really imagine that your comment represents a brand of Catholicism any more attractive than theirs is?

  • Julie

    God forgive me. The “wee” comment made me laugh. I had polyester-wearing, guitar-playing nuns for teachers in school. Their theology was awful, they weren’t terribly nice to us kids, something was definitely up with these women. I am happy they are going out of fashion and were not able to change the church, though so much damage is coming out of the awful period, including the sex abuse cases. When the nuns are no longer willing to protect the most vulnerable members of our society, then they are not Catholic nuns. They’re awful, selfish old women who should be ashamed of themselves masquerading as religious. I always admired the willingness to give all for Jesus, that radical following of Christ that nuns have. These women ain’t it.

  • SKay

    “Whoever causes one of these little ones who believe in me to sin, it would be better for him to have a great millstone fastened round his neck and to be drowned in the depth of the sea”