Protest and Positivity

Here’s my latest article for Integrated Catholic Life. How do you deal with negativity and the protester mentality? Stop, Look and Listen, then move forward.

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  • AnneG

    Thank you for the great advice. Sometimes I can’t resist responding, though.

  • AnneG

    Thank you for the great advice. Sometimes I can’t resist responding, though. Maybe I should offer up my suffering;)

  • Malvenu

    Father, I find myself identifying with your description of the protester type. This is not a new phenomenon. When I read a book about Learning Disabilities I found that in differing degrees I was autistic, dyslexic, had ADHD and ADD.

    Seriously, long before I was received into the Church, I thought that the Catholic Church was the most misrepresented and misunderstood institution probably ever. Now, what with the HHS over there and the prospect of “gay marriage” over here in Blighty and other seemingly never-ending attacks on the Church it all seems like everybody is out to get us and, therefore, almost everybody is fair game as a target for my anger and cynicism. What should I do?
    I often think to myself that if only i could make some progress in grace and transform my life only a little bit (or the Holy Spirit renew me and conform me to Jesus’ likeness only a little bit) my friends and family couldn’t help but notice and they might be drawn into the Church as a result.
    Is this a job for the Divine Mercy Chaplet?

  • Fr. Dwight Longenecker

    Yes, Divine Mercy chaplet and read the gospels! Immerse yourself in the New Testament and be of good cheer. The church has always been hated. It’s there in the gospels.

  • Malvenu

    Thank you, Father.