Religion Freedom and Responsibility

The fat prophet said “All arguments are theological arguments.” The fat prophet, of course, being G.K. Chesterton. So it is with the present political debate in the United States. The country seems divided between those who pay taxes and those who receive benefits–those who take responsibility for themselves and those who cannot or will not.

It is easy to blame those who are on benefits for being lazy, irresponsible and ‘entitled’. It is easy for those who are working and paying taxes to become self righteous and blame the benefit collecting poor. But beneath the politics and economics–beneath the class warfare and mutual resentment there is always a belief system at work. Consciously or unconsciously people believe certain things about themselves, about society, about God and about their ultimate destiny, and these beliefs affect their decisions and actions. Consequently, religion may have more to do with politics and economics than you first thought. Read More.

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