Lessons from C.S.Lewis

Jump over here for my latest article for Integrated Catholic Life. It’s about lessons in communicating the Catholic faith from C.S.Lewis.

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  • Michael Mills

    Good article, Fr. Dwight. Well said!

    Like all of us, I am on a spiritual journey, learning more and more about Christ. More importantly, I am coming to submit my life to him. He is not just my Savior. He is my Lord. My own journey began in childhood in the Baptist church. Then, in the mid-90s (after a divorce) I joined the Orthodox Church. For the last 7 years, I have been attending an Anglican Church (AMiA).

    One thing that has become clearer through this journey–I’m now 61–is that all church disagreements over doctrine, what’s important vs. what is not, etc., are distractions that keep us from focusing on Jesus and yielding our lives to him. That’s not to say that doctrines are not important. They are. But they must always be secondary to Christ.

    You pointed that out well in your article. The Christian faith must be communicated in a way that all can understand. Thank you.