Ed Blanch Texts

Guest blogger Ed Blanch comments regularly on various religious websites and he blogs at There’s No Sky Fairy where he regularly receives 273 visits a month. Ed is taking a break from his studies at North Jersey College of Technology. Domiciled in his mom’s basement, Ed is busy developing an exciting new video game concept.

He doesn’t have time to write a guest post, but we’ve been lucky enough to receive some texts from Ed. Here is the latest one…

I hear all this stuff about a god and what he supposidly said. There is no proof of god even exsiting. All we have is a book that was written by man that tells us what to believe. I grew up as a christian and hated it. This does not mean I follow any devil or bad energy. I think that it is crap that people call themselves christians but yet they judge others for what they believe. Does it not say in the bible that you should not judge. Most everyone on this earth is hipicritical and does not have the rite to say what is evil and what is good. Just because you believe in something else does not make you a devil worshiper. This is why I do not believe anymore. There are to many hipocrits in this world.

For readers who are confused or upset by Ed’s remarks and would like to learn more about him go here.

PS: Ed’s texts are taken from real comments that are made in my combox…

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  • Arnold

    Are the combox comenters equally bad at spelling?

  • Fr. Dwight Longenecker

    I copied and pasted this one as is…

  • Arnold

    It must feel at times like a great penance for you to read those combox comments.


    I missed Ed! He needs to show up more often …

  • Will

    He’s right. There are too many hippogriffs in this world.

  • SteveD

    I have a theory that this photo was taken in the sixties and that Ed is an American Catholic priest (bishop/archbishop?). His grasp of the basic elements of modernist Catholicism is stunning. Is he published?

  • http://imperfectfollower.blogspot.com NickD

    ouch, I get about 250 page views a month…

  • Ismael

    “. Just because you believe in something else does not make you a devil worshiper. This is why I do not believe anymore.”

    To be fair “Ed” DOES point out a problem with SOME Christians who are overly judgmental.

    This kind of behavior is indeed off-putting and I can understand that someone might be alienated by that kind of ‘Christianity’.

    Of course Ed’s problem is also ignorance and failure to rise above his own emotional problems and biases. His attitude towards Christianity is the attitude of a person who hates Switzerland because he once met a rude Swiss person who treated him badly.
    Sure that person is wrong but this does not mean all the Swiss are bad or Switzerland is bad.

    The same goes for Christianity: just because some Christians are indeed asses, it does not mean we all are and Christianity is wrong or bad.