Bloggin’ and Livin’

I apologize for no blogging for the last few days. Excuses are: the end of May is busy with graduations and confirmation and other stuff. Added to that, the weather has been really pretty fantastic in Greenville, South Carolina these last few weeks and to tell you the truth, what extra time there has been has been used up with some very serious deck sitting and chilling and watching the grass grow.

  • OneTimothyThreeFifteen

    As I’ve said before, here. Your apologies puzzle me.
    Your blog is a wonderful gift. I think I have no right to expect anything of you, even though your posts are so well-balanced and insightful, and a voice of sanity in the insane.
    Hence, my joke about you finally getting a life a couple of weeks ago when you hadn’t blogged for a bit… :)

  • Sid

    I think I hear the periodic “hum” of a motorcycle cruising through through the peaceful hills and valleys of upstate SC!