The Pelosi Catholic

I coined a phrase in yesterday’s post: The Pelosi Catholic–which prompted this excellent explanation from an Italian reader

Pelosi Catholics is not just correct, it is a terrific – if unintended – pun. In Italian, the adjective “peloso”, of which “pelosi” is the plural, means “hairy”, but it has also the connotations of dishonesty and self-serving pseudery conveyed by the English “greasy”. So: Pelosi Catholics are greasy [pseudo] Catholics.

Here’s a further definition: The Pelosi Catholic’s arrogance is only equalled by his ignorance. A cultural cradle Catholic, the Pelosi Catholic mistakes their tribal ethnicity for the Catholic faith. When they say “the Catholic faith is very important to me” what they mean is “I really like stromboli and when our family gets together we have a good time and grandpa talks about the old country and grandma always said the rosary and of course we have a picture of President Kennedy and the Sacred Heart in our house. Aunt Anna gave them to us.”

Now more American than of the older ethnicity, the Pelosi Catholic has absorbed American culture and integrated it with Catholicism just as effectively as they once integrated their older ethnicity with the Catholic faith. Just as spaghetti and Verdi and vendettas  once meant “Catholic” now its the Mall, middle America, the broker, the beach house, abortion, divorce and hamburgers.

The Pelosi Catholic really does believe that he can “be a devout Catholic” and “disagree with my church about important issues.”

The Pelosi Catholic should get on the bus….except it’s crowded with those progressive sisters.

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  • GaryLockhart

    “progressive sisters.”

    Good job in not mistakenly referring to those Pelosi Catholics on the bus as nuns, Father!

  • Stephen M. Collins

    Well, at least if he/she gets on the bus with those progressive sisters, he/she won’t have to sit at the back of the bus!


    Good Fr: I have added you to my favorites bar. Pithy and to the point is probably the best hope for the written word to ever penetrate the self-induced blindness among self-important “leaders”…as is the execrable Ms. Pelosi. In my own ‘dialogues’ with liberal acquaintances I often add that I’d rather stake my eternal destiny on the efficacy of the Blood of Christ, than the blood of 50 million murdered babies. (This is usually THE end of any further dialogue). But,God willing, it is a memorable enough charge that one day the Spirit of Truth might use it to bring conviction and repentance. Edward Kosky (USNA ’68 and SWBTS ’86)

  • FranRossiSzpylczyn

    What a lovely and charitable message to receive from an ordained priest. I may not be a fan of Nancy, but what you say and do here stoops to conquer. How very sad.

  • Michael

    Thus leaving us with the heresy of Americanism.

  • frdlongenecker

    Really? Would you have criticized Jesus when he called the Pharisees “white washed tombs, sons of Satan and snakes?” True charity speaks the truth and sometimes the truth is best heard with sharp language.

  • FranRossiSzpylczyn

    Fr. Longenecker, I am not in the practice of criticizing Jesus. Speaking the truth is essential; personal attacks are not. As for who the Pharisees are, I would say that we each have our own Pharisaic issues to deal with in our hearts. True charity speaks very clearly, often very sharply with words that bring discomfort and upend, challenging the person at hand. However, with words such as your own in this post, where you denigrate someone made in the same image of God that you are made of – I cannot agree on that.

  • frdlongenecker

    You skirted my question. What do you make of Jesus making personal attacks?

  • FranRossiSzpylczyn

    If it was not clear in my comment, and it must not have been, I will say this… I do not believe that Jesus made personal attacks on an individual in the way that you have done here. Is that clear?

    I cannot leave without saying that as I reread my initial comment, it might be perceived that I am doing the same thing to you. Allow me to state that I do not believe in using “caritas in veritate” as a foil for mean-spirited attacks. I can’t speak for you, nor would I attempt to, but I can speak for myself. Being mean-spirited is not my goal here; I expressed shock and disbelief, along with some horror. And it does make me incredibly sad.

    Shoe-horning people via labels and dismissing them with disdain is not my thing. If that makes me less Christian, less Catholic in your eyes, so be it. It is a big, big church Father, may there be room for all of us in it.

  • frdlongenecker

    OK. Let’s keep it to Jesus’ language and agree that Nancy Pelosi is a hypocrite, a snake, a white washed tomb, the daughter of Satan and that her righteousness stinks like a filthy rag.

  • MarylandBill

    Actually, I would bet that if most Pelosi-Catholics have a picture of the Sacred Heart in their house, it is probably safely stored in an attic or drawer where no one will see it. After all, they don’t want guests to be confronted with their Catholicism or anything.

  • FranRossiSzpylczyn

    On those points, dear Father Longenecker, we shall never agree because those terms are wholly inappropriate in the context with which you so cheerfully use them..

    I wish you peace in the name of Christ Jesus, and with that, the Gospel imperative to shake the dust from my sandals and move onward calls me to other places.

  • Romulus

    I see no personal attack here. I see a diagnostician identifying a disease and calling it by its true name. Nancy Pelosi is probably no more evil than you or I. But she is desperately sick.

  • deacontom60

    Father: I am with you 100% on this. The bishops need to be way more vocal, like you, in publicly correcting politicians like Pelosi, Biden, Cuomo et al who assert how important their Catholic faith is but claim the right to contradict essential Catholic teaching on marriage, abortion, etc. These folks are much more of a threat to faithful Catholics than the new atheists–the atheists are a clear foe, while Pelosi Catholics shroud their heretical views as alternative, valid “Catholic” positions.

  • BHG

    There is room for all of us in Christ’s church, but the point of the Church is to change us into the image of Christ. It is not our place to change the church and that seems to be with Nancy Pelosi wants to do. I absolutely shudder every time I see that woman get up and talk about her Catholic faith and then go on to support abortion and the HHS mandate. I am curious what you would say about a woman who calls the right to late term abortion sacred ground? How do you address that sort of horror without a certain amount of sharpness? It is not just a matter of disagreeing with Nancy Pelosi, on some issues it truly is a matter of the health of her own soul. And her pernicious effect on other Catholics who are not well enough educated to understand that she does not speak clearly, plainly, honestly, or correctly about the teaching of the church which is after all the teaching of Christ.

  • AnneG

    Fran, correcting error is a Spiritual Work of Mercy. What you perceive as unkind is actually charitable. From reading Fr Longenecker, I know that he does not wish for Nancy Pelosi or the other Pelosi Catholics to go to hell. Better to be shocked or insulted than on the bus to eternal damnation, wouldn’t you agree?

  • Rachel

    Excellent analogy.

  • Rachel

    Moral relativism isn’t a Catholic virtue, ma’am. Truth is truth. And the good Father told it. You must be a Pelosi Catholic. Sadly, there are too many of you running around pretending.

  • Rachel

    Too many of these people call themselves “Catholics” when they don’t live by
    Catholic principles. That’s like calling yourself a vegetarian, while eating a
    hamburger. You can call yourself whatever you want…but that doesn’t make it

  • Charles Mac Kay

    What a brilliant posting. Sums it all nicely in a manner I could never have done. I was called a cradle Catholic and asked for an explanation. I felt it silly and also patronised.

  • Skay

    Great post Father.

  • Guest
  • TomD

    “And if the house is worthy, let your peace come upon it; but if it is not worthy, let your peace return to you. And if any one will not receive you or listen to your words, shake off the dust from your feet as you leave that house or town. Truly, I say to you, it shall be more tolerable on the day of judgment for the land of Sodom and Gomor’rah than for that town. ‘Behold, I send you out as sheep in the midst of wolves; so be wise as serpents and innocent as doves.’” (Matt 10:13-16, RSV-CE).

  • Colin Corcoran

    Great post on the cafeteria catholic in American Culture – worse the disease is spreading. I have a reflection on this posted to help Catholcs find their way back to the faith by showing them where they are in respect to core teaching of the church per the Catechism.

  • Robert Lynch

    She gives Catholics a bad name, Real Catholics know that she is a phoney

  • Lynda

    And just where are those “sisters” progressing to??

  • Dan C

    The Culture War rages unremitted on this blog, another clear political choice by the Anchoress, a cafeteria Catholic who embraces classical liberalism, not exactly an economic theory well-embraced in current papal encyclocals.

    You of the Acton Party who cannot integrate the Lucan Beautitudes and Woes into your theology are not orthodox.

    If you think flagging culture war rhetoric is serving the Church, your community, or even permitting you to minister effectively, i would suggest you are in grave error. What happens when a conservative actually embraces some of the problems of his community and starts to seriously think about poverty-they end up sounding like the all-too-ignored RReno who has begun seriously work on this problem. He will be reviled and rejected in short order.

  • Mya Norris

    Catholic Christian principles are for all people, from the cradle to the grave. You can’t be for one w/o th other. So to be a conservative these days is not christian or catholic.

  • CT

    Well, the Novus Ordo is chocked full of ‘Losi “Catholics”…and people who lost their Faith…

  • Jon W

    Sheesh, Dan. The people you’re wagging your finger at will take a lot of prophetic correction from someone who affirms the clear truths they affirm. If you want them to keep from going all culture-warry on you, affirm the clear truths they recognize and don’t – like Pelosi – undermine the power of those truths by disingenuously relegating them to a “religious” category that has no authority over all Americans.

    If we could find politicians who stood up for the unborn with the same dedication with which they stand up for labor and the environment, you would find that the culture wars on this blog would stop looking so much like the American political battlefield and start resembling something much more interesting.