The Satanism of Greed

Remember, your spiritual life probably has more to do with your checkbook than your prayer book. Don’t forget the mortal sin of greed when you’re thinking about your walk with God.

Here is my latest article for Aleteia — a discussion of why Pope Francis seems to be downplaying the “below the belt” sins and stepping up the attack on the sins of the pocketbook.

Pope Francis is keenly aware that Satan is alive and well on planet earth and that hell is a reality. His de-emphasis on some Catholics’ main talking points of sexuality is not an attempt to take a “softer and more inclusive” line, but to draw attention to the fact that sexual sins are not the only human failings. Because sex sells, too many journalists only report Catholic news when it involves some issue below the belt. By avoiding those topics, Pope Francis shrewdly deprives the journalists their usual gossip point.