Free Resources for a Holy Lent

There are plenty of free online resources for Lent. Sign up here for my free weekly newsletter. During Lent there will be articles on prayer, almsgiving and fasting. There are points to ponder, resources and other stuff.

Fr Robert Barron is offering free Lent reflections. Go here to sign up.

Dr Marcellino D’Ambrosio’s Crossroads Initiative also has a list of Lent resources. Go here.

Finally, I’m going to attempt a Lent Bloggle Study. That is a Bible Study on my blog. I’ll simply be reading through Mark’s gospel with my readers. This is an attempt for us to meet Jesus Christ in a fresh way during Lent. Will you join me? I don’t know if I’ll manage every day, but I’m going to try. Just tune in to my blog every day starting on Ash Wednesday.