Read, Mark and Learn in Lent

During Lent I am trying out a new idea for blog use: a Blog Bible Study.  Would the right name for this be a Blobble Study?

Anyway, it works like this. Starting on Ash Wednesday I’ll be reading St Mark’s Gospel day by day. I’ll post the reading and a few observations. It will be short and sweet. The combox will be open for people to make comments and converse.

The approach to the Bible study will be personal. I want to meet Jesus again and want to meet him with readers of this blog. This will be a chance to share our insights and our faith stories.

If you would like to join in this Lenten exercise, just visit the blog and use the ‘Categories’ tool to follow all the posts.

I may not be able to post every day and we may not make it all the way through the gospel, but we’ll be doing some lectio divina together and meeting Jesus afresh.

I hope you’ll join us.