Gulag and Guillotine- Atheism’s Legacy

Joseph Pearce reminds us here of the genocidal legacy of atheism. The atheists like to suggest that these horrors were not brought about by atheism or atheists as such. Nonsense.

We admit that not all atheists are genocidal maniacs, and that not all genocides are inspired by atheism. Nevertheless, it remains true that atheism was part of the philosophical inspiration for the political movements that ended in the guillotine, the gulag and the gas chamber.Pearce writes,

Let’s take a look at atheism’s track record.

The first great atheist uprising was the French Revolution, which sought to dethrone God with godless “Reason” and sought to replace the Holy Trinity with the atheist trinity of liberté, egalité et fraternité… The Cult of Reason metamorphosed into the Reign of Terror in which the streets of Paris literally ran red with the blood of its victims. The Goddess of Reason made way for Madame Guillotine who was omnivorous in her bloodlustful appetite, devouring Christians and atheists alike.

Having experienced this incestuously cannibalistic debauch, any genuine age of reason would have rejected atheism’s Cult of Reason and sought more humane ways of solving the problems of modernity. Not so. The nineteenth century saw a plethora or revolutions, inspired by atheism and anti-clericalism, which paved the way for the Russian Revolution of 1917, a godless monstrosity that would dwarf even the Reign of Terror in the sheer scale of the secular fundamentalist horror that it unleashed. Throughout the Soviet Union, thousands of labour camps were established in which political dissidents, enemies of the State, were literally worked to death. This system of camps, dubbed by Solzhenitsyn the Gulag Archipelago, would claim tens of millions of lives before the communist tyranny finally crumbled under the dead weight of its own corruption.

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