Brideshead Re-Visited Re-Visited

Charles Ryder

On vacation I had indulged myself and watched the entire Granada TV version of Evelyn Waugh’s Brideshead Re-Visited.  What a lush show! It really is the most splendid and faithful literary film adaption ever made. With perfect casting, a top notch book – film script adaptation, beautiful and authentic scenery and excellent acting, it is absorbing and captivating. It’s worth adding this film set to your library.

Bit of personal trivia. I was a student in Oxford when the Oxford scenes were being filmed and watched them filming one day the scene where Charles and Sebastian emerge from Hertford College, climb into their car and zoom off beneath the Bridge of Sighs to visit Brideshead.

On watching the film series some time ago I wrote a series of blog posts about the main characters. Here is the post on the main character Charles Ryder, which just about sums up the whole film.