How Will Pope Francis Solve the “Celibacy Problem”?

Here is my latest post for Aleteia–suggesting some ways that Pope Francis might “solve the celibacy problem”

In a recent article it was claimed that Pope Francis promised to “solve the celibacy problem.” The statement itself raises a number of questions. Firstly, what is “the celibacy problem”? Is celibacy itself a problem? As the majority of Catholic priests have vowed and lived celibacy for the last thousand years it would not seem to be such a huge problem that it needs an instant fix. Certainly there are critics of celibacy. Former monk Richard Sipe has written a scathing expose of celibacy as has Catholic dissident Donald Cozzens. Meanwhile the Anglican convert priest Fr. Ray Ryland has written strongly in favor of both celibacy for priests and perfect continence (abstaining from all sexual relations) for married priests.

The first question we need to ask therefore is “what is the celibacy problem?”

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