Bob Jones University and the Shape of Things to Come


Elizabeth Scalia comments in passing on Bob Jones University here. Yeah, yeah, we all hate Bob Jones University because they’re a bunch of bigots so they got what they deserved and made their decision accordingly, right? Well, late last week the Presbyterian Church (USA) voted to redefine marriage as involving “two persons”. With this vote they join six [Read More...]

Meriam Ibrahim’s Release….Where Was Mrs Obama?


Meriam Ibrahim, tshe Sudanese woman persecuted for her Christian faith by a harsh Islamic regime has been released. The Daily Telegraph carries the story here and the Guardian carries the story here. It is a wonderful answer to prayer that Meriam has been released, but what I find curious is the silence on this issue from [Read More...]

That Salon Article – Pope Francis’ Honeymoon is Over


I was not the only one who said that the secular progressive infatuation with Pope Francis would be short lived. Grasping at straws they took his “who am I to judge” comment out of context, pumped it up and rode it home to a Time magazine POY cover. They smiled and salivated over his washing [Read More...]

It’s Knight Time


Over here Kathy Schiffer interview Kevin Knight–the man behind New Advent website over at Aleteia. Kevin explained that, although he’d been baptized Catholic, he hadn’t always followed his faith. It was “cultural drift,” he confessed, that caused him to leave the Church behind without a backward glance. Then in young adulthood, almost overnight, he felt [Read More...]

The Body of Christ: Substance and Reality

Corpus Christi

Not too long ago while celebrating Mass I drifted into a kind of silence. I had spent the day paddling through the shallow waters of contemporary culture and mainstream media and was feeling both tired and soiled. Then as I celebrated Mass it seemed to me that what I was doing there was real. It [Read More...]

What is “Excommunication” Anyhow?


After the Pope’s harsh words about the mafia, with “Excommunication” screaming across the headlines–what exactly is excommunication? In the public’s eye it is the strict face of Catholicism. This is the disciplinary arm of the church and echoes of the Middle Ages are heard: a time in which Popes issued solemn bulls of excommunication cutting [Read More...]