Why is Christian Marriage Indissoluble?

I heard some time ago about a Methodist minister who decided that he wanted to do things “more Catholic.” So he started wearing vestments and added a few extra candles to the altar. He began to cross himself and introduced a more formal liturgy. When Lent came along he decided to impose ashes on the [Read More...]

Kathy Schiffer and La Verna

la verna

Go with Kathy Schiffer here on a little photo tour of St Francis’ mountain retreat La Verna (from Wikkipedia) CountĀ Orlando of ChiusiĀ gave La Verna to Francis on May 8, 1213 as a retreat specially favourable for contemplation, and in 1218 built him the chapel Santa Maria degli Angeli. In August, 1224, frustrated by the changes [Read More...]

Why Doesn’t God Answer My Prayers?


Most of us know that simply praying for something you want is not the best way of praying. God is not a cosmic vending machine in which you put your prayer in the slot and the goodie you want drops into the tray at the bottom. Don’t get me wrong. God delights in any prayer [Read More...]

Fr Groeschel: Home for the Feast of St Francis


Fr Benedict Groeschel passed away last evening at 11pm. He went home for the Feast of St Francis. Kathy Schiffer recounts her memories of Fr Groeschel here. I met Fr Groeschel personally for the first time on a visit to New Jersey earlier this year. He was in a wheelchair, but alert and able to [Read More...]

Ten Things That Changed St Francis Forever…

St Francis of Assisi

…and can change you too. One of the things that makes St Francis so popular is that he was so utterly and completely converted. He was rooted and engrafted into Christ through several remarkable events that transformed him from the inside out. It is this profound and radical encounter with Christ that can also transform [Read More...]

Is Pope Francis Ditching the Conservatives?


This article by English priest Fr Mark Drew observes the goings on in Rome with an expert eye an informed view and a balanced conclusion. Is Pope Francis purging the church of the “Ratzingerians”? Is a modernist, liberal putsch underway? Fr Drew writes, It does seem at first sight as if several of those closest [Read More...]