American Christianity: Moralistic Therapeutic Deism?

The "Perfect" Church

Some time ago I read a blog post identifying the degradation of American Christianity into what was termed Moralistic Therapeutic Deism. It’s given me much pause for thought and the analysis seems to me to be spot on. Today’s post is a further speculation on this analysis with a long contribution from a regular reader [Read More...]

Guardians of the Galaxy – Too Much of a Good Thing?


My fifteen year old son is the one who encourages me to see superhero and science fiction films. Really. So today on my day off we tootled off together to munch popcorn and enjoy Guardians of the Galaxy. Think Star Wars meets The Avengers. It was corny, but the corn popped. In other words it [Read More...]

Maleficent not Magnificent


I’ve started contributing to American Catholic website and blog. Go here to read my review of Disney’s Maleficent  Not only is the feminist reading of the film clear but the lesbian sub text is also not too subtle. Sleeping Beauty does wake up to the kiss of true love, but it’s not Prince Charming, but Maleficent who learns to [Read More...]

The Ebola Virus – Apocaplypse Now?

The Danse Macabre

The outbreak of the deadly  Ebola virus in West Africa summons up fear of an apocalyptic style plague.  For the first time the virus is showing up in urban areas where isolation and identification is much more difficult. The virus, for which there is no cure, has a mortality rate of about 50%-90%. CBS reports that [Read More...]

Did I Experience a Miraculous Multiplication of Food?


When I was a young Anglican minister I lived in an apartment with my younger brother. I complained to him one day that when I was a theology student I lived by faith. I really had no money and was living from hand to mouth with the little I could earn while I studied. Now [Read More...]

Let Me Out of My Cage!


One of the joys of being a Catholic is that we should be able to open up to the strength of many different Christian traditions. When somebody leaves the Catholic church looking for some other spiritual good we have failed them because all the good things in all the other religions and all the other [Read More...]