C.S.Lewis and the Death Penalty

lethal injection

This morning, in an unprecedented step four Catholic national publications have issued a joint editorial. National Catholic Register, National Catholic Reporter, America Magazine  and Our Sunday Visitor have all called for an end to the death penalty. You can read the editorial here. In an excellent essay called The Humanitarian Theory of Punishment Lewis enters the capital [Read More...]

FaithWorks! for Lent – 2

Hi Res redpreacher2

My weekly newsletter on the practical practice of the Catholic faith is published today. This is for the second week of Lent and we’re following a series on the precepts of the Church. Go here to read and share. Go here to subscribe. [Read more...]

Now It’s Sado Masochism for the Suburbs

hands tied

Be warned that you may find some aspects of this blog post distressing. Now that we’ve learned to be all cheerful and wholesome about sodomy it’s time to turn to sado-masochism! Never mind that the rigors of anal sex destroy people’s bodies and lives, cause disease and damn souls, we’re supposed to overlook all those unpleasant facts. [Read More...]

Ten Catholic Answers to “Why Do You Call Your Priests ‘Father’”?


If you have encounters with non-Catholic Christians you might hope that they will ask you questions that really matter like, “Why do you trust church tradition in addition to the Bible?” or “Do you worship the Pope?” or “What is the Immaculate Conception of the Virgin Mary?” Unfortunately one of the most common challenges is [Read More...]

Did They “Bury a Bum” at the Vatican?

Willy Herteleer

  My latest article for CRUX highlights the controversy that has arisen over PewSitter’s offensive headline about the burieal of homeless pilgrim Willy Herteleer On Dec. 12, Willy died in a hospital near the Vatican and a few of his friends began to look for a burial place for him. German journalist Paul Badde, author [Read More...]

Managing the Mystery of Money


Money. Stuff. Greed. Geesh! The problems it causes! Here’s one from parish life. Recently my car was in the shop for repairs so the insurance company put me into a rental car. It happened to be a new Chevy Malibu. My usual car was a seven year old Volvo sedan. So I park the  Malibu [Read More...]