The Real Celestine Prophecy

Pope St Celestine V

The Celestine Prophecy is a New Age spirituality title that has nothing to do with Pope Celestine V. Instead of the New Age novel I’m interested in Pope Celestine. Why is Pope Celestine V–who only reigned for six months–so important to modern popes? My article at Aleteia explains why Celestine V is important and why [Read More...]

Are Witches Ugly?

Wicked Witch

  This light hearted little rant about adolescent type behavior warranted a rash of comments from irate pagan/witchcraft types. Seems their green skin is pretty thin. (that was a joke) We all have to laugh at ourselves a bit, and I was surprised that the pagans–who I usually perceive as laid back and easy going–were [Read More...]

Pope Pelosi Protector of Children?


Nancy Pelosi, who was awarded the Margaret Sanger Eugenicist of the Year Award by Planned Genocide  Parenthood (go here)has now proclaimed herself the protector of children. This article trumpets her new child protector status… House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) yesterday described herself as a “lioness” when it comes to protecting children. She also called [Read More...]

Monkey See Monkey Do


Terry Notary is the man behind the mask in the new film Dawn of the Planet of the Apes.  He is a Hollywood “movement coach” and this fascinating article from London’s Daily Telegraph goes into detail of his work. Notary work in a “mocap” suit– mocap being short for “motion capture”. This is the technology [Read More...]

Hey Texans! Let’s Meet!

FOT SA 2014 300x250 6

  I’ll be at the Fullness of Truth Conference in San Antonio in August. Dates are 22-24. Go here for more info: [Read more...]

From an Ancient Abbot to a Modern Papa


My book Listen My Son- St Benedict for Fathers is a book of daily readings for dads. Well, it’s good for moms too, and it’s especially useful as one of those books that Moms buy for Dads. In Benedictine monasteries and convents they read a chunk of the Rule of St Benedict every day. I [Read More...]