As the sexual misbehavior accusations accumulate in the world of politics, entertainment and business, prepare for the new Puritanism. I have written more on this over at my main blog here, but suffice it to say that things really are changing. Liberal commentators have observed that the things liberal women were willing to put up with and gloss over in the nineties with Bill Clinton are not longer acceptable. Furthermore, the news columns and opinions of people like Gloria Stenheim are being… Read more

And now its Charlie Rose, and I reckon the hits are going to keep on coming. There’s something spooky about this that nobody else has noticed: all these revelations about creepy predatory celebrities have suddenly tumbled out right after the death of Hugh Hefner. It’s almost like that Hugh’s death closed the Playboy Chapter of American history and now all the girls are speaking out and saying, “Hey. We don’t want to be bunnies anymore!” The sexual revolution was all… Read more

Warning: there is some creepy sexual content in this post. In a hard hitting article at The Atlantic Caitlin Flanagan attacks the amazing hypocrisy of the left concerning Bill Clinton. At a time when it seems to be open season on all sexual predators–no matter if their crimes are thirty years old–Flanagan wonders why Clinton continues to rise above his murky past. First she points out the present public relations schmooze job on Clinton. He’s now a warm hearted and… Read more

Embed from Getty Images When faced with the mindless violence we saw in Sutherland Springs one can’t help but wonder if there is a diabolical element in what happened. What makes a man plan to mow down innocent people and then meticulously carry it out, then turn the gun on himself? Was Devin Kelley demon possessed? What about the Las Vegas shooter Stephen Paddock? Its all too easy to blame the devil when something like this happens, but it is… Read more

Today’s post at Standing on My Head is about Saints and Statues The saints became role models only. Sure, modern Catholics still told the stories of saints, but they were handed out in colorful children’s books with the stories of the saints and their heroism. That’s all well and good, but saints are more than role models. The communion of the saints is more than a book shelf full of biographies. The saints are not simply holy heroes or saintly… Read more

I’m sorry to rain on the ecumenical parade. but are we really experiencing a “new Springtime of ecumenism” or is it just Indian summer? I’ve written on the subject over at my main blog today. When the Lutheran-Anglicans decided to ordain women as priests and bishops they put a bullet to the head of any real reconciliation with Catholicism. Before they took this step, the Pope along with the Easter Orthodox ecumenical patriarch wrote, pleading with them not to do so… Read more

  CRUX reports here that movie star Mark Wahlberg has repented for his role as a porn star in the film Boogie Nights. For those who are unfamiliar with the film, it chronicles the adventures of a young man who gets work in the porn industry in the 1970s. It was a breakthrough part for Wahlberg, but he’s now gone public with his regrets about the movie. Forget about the motion picture and look at the bigger picture. Compare Wahlberg’s… Read more

So everybody on the Catholic Protestant divide are supposed to be kissy kissy this month as the 500th anniversary of the beginning of the Protestant Reformation is celebrated. Well OK, but I hear the predictable moans and groans on the Catholic conservative side of the field reminding everyone what a violent, disaster the Reformation was, while on the Protestant side I’m hearing preachers remind everyone that the Catholic Church is a Babylon mystery religion and that all Catholics are hell… Read more

Will the secret archives on the JFK assassination reveal anything new? When it comes to the mania surrounding conspiracy theories, the JFK killing is near the top of the list. Having lived in England for many years I have observed since moving back to the USA that Americans seem to have a particular fondness for conspiracy theories. When I lived in England people were not so scared all the time. When Obama was president you heard stuff like:  Obama was a… Read more

Forgive me if I have to invent a new word, but “weinsteining” is a good one. It has a juicy tang to it. Somehow the word itself sums up the trashy behavior of this movie mogul. Over at Aleteia Tom Hoopes comments on the Hollywood cesspool, observing that Weinsteining is just the tip of the iceberg. Rampant gay parties, pedophilia, abuse of teens in the industry, sexualization of children is all part of the slop and smut, and its not… Read more

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