Standing “Rad Trad” on its Head

Over the last few years “rad trad” or “raddy traddy” was Catholic slang for the ultra traditionalist, Latin Mass, take no prisoners traditionalist. I like the rhyme, but I’m for standing this on its head. Let’s take “radical” and “tradition” and recognize something that is cool and constant in being a Catholic, and that is that if you are a Catholic you can be both establishment and rebellious at the same time. You can be a revolutionary and a fogey,… Read more

10 Common Cons of Satan

Satan is the Father of lies. Therefore it follows that one of his favorite tricks is to separate us from reality. He’s like that stage magician who uses distraction to keep you from seeing what is really going on. He pulls a trick to turn our attention away from reality. What is “reality”? Reality is what is. Reality is the way things are in the natural world. Reality is the way we were created. Reality is the destiny God has… Read more

Critiquing Cotton Candy Catholicism

One of the advantages of being a Catholic is that, if you go to Mass regularly, you will hear so much of Sacred Scripture being read. This is also one of the disadvantages. It is not a disadvantage because you hear Sacred Scripture, but because you hear it in small chunks. What is lacking in the experience of most Catholics is an overall view of the whole of Sacred Scripture from Genesis to Revelation. Compared to Bible Christians, most Catholics… Read more

Lewis, Tolkien, Art and the Sacraments

Beneath it all Catholicism not only has the seven sacraments, she has a sacramental vision of reality. Read more

Watch Out For the Weeds

There are tares among the wheat. You needn’t try to weed them out. Just wait for the judgment day. Then all things will be harvested and everything that is hidden will be revealed. Read more

Does the Catholic Church Need to be Reformed?

The problem with this reform agenda is that most of it really has very little to do with the Catholic faith. Read more

Spadaro, Straw Men and Scapegoats

When will these people learn that not all conservatives are Wal-Mart shoppers with a gun rack in their pick up? Read more

From My Side of the Screen

Hearing confessions is not easy. Its actually hard, often tiresome work. Read more

On European Ignorance and Arrogance

There are few things more frustrating than ignorance and arrogance combined. I lived in England for twenty five years, and I’ve lived in America for about thirty. I can tell you from experience that an awful lot of Americans are pretty darned ignorant. This is not to say they are stupid. Its to observe that they just don’t know stuff. They are poorly educated and inexperienced about the rest of the world. For the most part they are ignorant but… Read more

Falling Short of God’s Glory

Some time ago I got an anonymous email which said something like, “Get over the idea that there is such a thing as sin. Sin is a stupid idea made up by religious people like you to fleece people of their money and scare them about hell. People like you are evil and wicked and should be stopped.” It was, of course, ironic that the writer did not believe in sin, but he clearly believed in evil. Furthermore, he was… Read more

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