The Rolling Cauldron Likes Moss

The Witch’s Cauldron Book Tour is still going strong, and is about to hit New England, the mid-Atlantic, the South, and Northern Midwest! Read more

I Didn’t Find the Witch Life, the Witch Life Found me…

I have yet to come up with a succinct Witch “origin story.” You know, one of those quick “and that was the exact moment I knew I was a Witch” or “how I found my path in 300 words or less.” Read more

Slagging Down The Moon

The question I’ve gotten most often on The Witch’s Cauldron book tour surprisingly doesn’t have anything to do with cauldrons. It’s “What is it like working with Llewellyn?” Read more

In Which I Survived the Elements

I know some of you have been on pins and needles wondering how I fared after my last post. Well, despite some commendable efforts by the elements, both I and my laptop survived PSG intact and somewhat functioning. Read more

In Which I Am Possibly A Bad Witch….

I’m not sure if this witch was made for camping….. Read more

7 Secrets to Design Witchery

You might not think there’s magick in graphic design, but you’d be very much mistaken. The whole purpose of good design is to draw the eye, get people involved or interested, and create some sort of successful interaction from it all. Read more

The Biggest Cauldron You Ever Did See…

Well, in theory any way….we’re almost sort of making a cauldron shape as we tour the country.  STARTING IN 5 DAYS!! This is one of those mornings where I’m questioning my relative sanity.  I haven’t camped at an outdoor event since Starwood in 2001.  Six weeks away from the cats.  But I’m going to be covering a lot of the US – giving lectures, doing Q&A, giving workshops on ritual movement, performing with The Mechanist & The Star Goddess. So… Read more

Don’t Be A Good Witch…

I would bet that most of you are familiar with that sing-songy question a la The Wizard of Oz: “Are you a good witch or a bad witch?” Really, I can’t think of any situation where that’s a fun question to be asked – if you’re actually a Witch. Read more

Magick Is Not a Band-Aid Fix (Or Is It?)

I suppose my inherent dislike for talking about spells is that the majority of people don’t understand them, or how they work. They’re looking for an easy fix to whatever their issue is. They think if they follow a series of steps and put in the right ingredients, it’s just like a recipe for baking a cake. But even baking a cake isn’t that easy. Read more

Breaking 5: Confessions of a Happy Witch

Being a happy Witch may seem like a contradiction for many who buy into a brooding stereotype, but I have no qualms about it. It’s taken me a long time to get here with a lot of hard work. It’s all about breaking cycles. Read more

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