Has Pagan Environmentalism Failed? Yes, Yes, A Resounding Yes.

All I know is, we, the pagan community, creators of and participants in a spiritual movement that has had widespread ramifications worldwide, were once poised to shift the paradigm. What happened? How can we get it back? Read more

MALEFICENT: Full of pagan imagery

You gotta love when a fairy tale actually has lots of fairies in it. That’s the conceit behind MALEFICENT, Disney’s new retelling of SLEEPING BEAUTY. It’s a kind of alternative theory on how the Wicked Queen/Evil Fairy got so wicked/evil. Read more


Jane Hash is an artist, healer, blogger and activist. She is also barely three feet tall. Born with a genetic condition that left her with multiple fractures, her health was compromised for most of her youth, and her mobility limited by the fragility of her bones. As an adult, Jane seems like a powerhouse of energy, humor, and no-nonsense ass-kicking. Her podcast “Hash it Out with Jane” gives voice to her activism and consciousness raising. Read more

Happy Fifth Birthday Patheos!

Well really it was yesterday but boy, has it been a busy week! Yesterday was also the cross quarter day of Beltane (for this who like to observe the exact cross quarter in addition to the traditional festival day of May 1st) so that seems fitting. The cross quarter days fall nicely midway between the season changes, but seem, in the Western Hemisphere, anyway, to signal the “true” beginning of the season, hence, Beltane is really when spring begins! Sure… Read more

Horror-inspired Apparel! THE SHINING and TWIN PEAKS, now in scary wearable form…

Two interesting Facebook finds: sneakers inspired by TWIN PEAKS and an entire line of apparel inspired by THE SHINING! Read more


Check out APOCALYPTIC, a low-budget Australian film in the found-footage genre where a film crew goes looking for a doomsday cult in the forest. Comparisons to THE WICKER MAN abound! Read more

Every Day is Earth Day

LIVE as if there’s a point to it all, as if a healthy lifestyle is actually making a difference not just to yourself, but to your loved ones, and to all humanity. Go outside already! What are you waiting for? Tomorrow? Read more

The only thing worse than a witch hunt…

I’m pretty sure the upcoming SALEM series was in the works before AMERICAN HORROR STORY: COVEN premiered, but I am inclined to agree with the i09 folks: this new show seems to want to give the glossy, envelope-pushing FX drama a run for its money. Read more

Prominent Pagan Arrested for Child Pornography

Kenny Klein, well known pagan musician and an amateur photographer, has been arrested in New Orleans on 25 counts of child pornography, involving images found on his computer of children under the age of 13 engaging in explicit sexual activity, according to a news story from the Times-Picayune. Read more

Sad, Sudden Loss of a Pagan Elder: Rest in Peace, Judy Harrow

As we grow older and our pagan elders pass away, may we never forget how these strong and spirited people forged paths and inroads for all of us, and may we continue to learn from their example and honor their work. Go in peace, Judy, and may your lively conversations continue with those who have gone on before. May the gods receive you proudly, for you worked in their service, tirelessly and with grace and passion. Read more

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