#31DaysofSamhain Movie List Continued

The veil is thin, our minds are dark, and the pictures we see can inspire and incite. In my last post I started the #31daysofsamhain movie list, without further ado I present the rest of my seasonal viewing suggestions. Read more

#31DaysofSamhain Movie List

The are witches and wizards, vampires old and black, ancestors, voodoo stuff, a couple of musicals, and some scary stuff too. So here we go, in no particular order my #31daysofsamhain movie list. Read more

Voodoo Universe’s 400th Post: What’s New, What’s Next ?

400 posts. Sometimes I’m in awe of the body of work we have put together for this blog over the years. We profile accurate and respectful information about the religions of New Orleans Voodoo, Haitian Vodou, La Regla Lucumi, and other Afro-Diasporan traditions. Read more

Nat Turner And The Wait For Birth Of A Nation

Birth of a Nation 2016, the hashtag for the film is #standwithus and the message has been rise up. Some hoped to interpret this as meaning rise up constructively, and without altercation, but in all likelihood we are beyond that strategy. Read more

#31DaysofSamhain Instagram Challenge

I could write about the ancestors everyday, so I came up with the idea to challenge myself and my newly formed instagram account to present #31DaysofSamhain posts each and everyday leading up to Samhain this year. Read more

Help My Ex Is Doin’ A Hex !!!

Love makes strange bedfellows, and even stranger and more desperate enemies. The truth is that there are people who can be hateful and hurtful to people they love even when they are in a relationship, and when it ends things can turn downright ugly. Read more

Review: Black Jesus, Praise the Lord !

The representation of Jesus in Black Jesus is one that presents itself in a more Afro-centric way. The divine can manifest and walk among humans for a time to offer help and guidance. This world certainly needs heroes, and Black Jesus is one. Read more

Feast Of Orisha Obatala – Sept. 24th

Leading the group on the earthly plane is Obatala. This Orisha is the androgynous father/mother of peace and purity. He is the ashe of the clouds. Read more

Video Lilith’s Garden: Dill

Here’s our next installment in the herbal magick series featuring Dill. This time we tried something different and made a video. Read more

Blogiversary Top Tens Videos, Posts That Won’t Live, Etc. Part 2

I’d love to write about the well known Mambo (Vodou priestess) who abandoned her students at the airport with a bunch of human bones. Read more

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