Tramps and Thieves in the Pagan Community

Just because we authors, filmmakers, and other content producers may not be as vocal, it doesn’t mean we aren’t being taken advantage of. Read more

Divination Space Station: Brandi Auset

Voodoo Universe is proud to present our divination interview with Brandi Auset. Brandi Auset is trained as a High Priestess of the Goddess, Reiki Master Teacher, massage therapist, spiritual counselor, and intuitive reader. Read more

Prayer: Standing with Standing Rock #NoDAPL

The horrors occurring at Standing Rock have left me shocked, saddened, praying for my brothers and sisters, and most of all angry. The issue is this- the Dakota Access pipeline is proposed to carry 450,000 barrels of fracked crude oil per day, from the Bakken fields of North Dakota, 1,172 miles to Patoka, Illinois. Though originally planned to cross the Missouri River upstream of Bismarck, the crossing is set to be relocated just upstream of the Standing Rock Reservation. This… Read more

Video: Love Magic Unleashed

One of the most entertaining parts of producing this Love Magic book was creating the book trailer video. I think I may have done my job too well as some of the early comments on the short said the banana was too offensive, and I should remove the offending pomegranate. Read more

Herbal Magick: Lavender

Lavendar can be added to gris-gris bags, baths, oils, and more to achieve your desired results. Read more

End Of Year Tarot Spreads

The end of the year brings special challenges and these tarot spreads will help you sort it all out. Read more

Screamin Jay Hawkins : Put A Voodoo Spell On You !

Screamin Jay Hawkins uses entertainment to bring about some powerful Voodoo truths. We can see in the lyrics of the Voodoo song above how he mocks the religion, but also reveals an inherent fear of it. Read more

Is Voodoo Black Magic ?

As much as I want to scream about this popular Voodoo myth, it is easy to understand how Hollywood and popular media has given the public this idea. In reality, almost nothing is farther from the truth. Read more

Gede Celebration: The Dead Dance

Ms. Dieudonne spoke about how the Gede and the Baron were the only Lwa who could show up at any time. This shows us the dead have no boundaries, which is beautifully illustrated in the movements and feel of these dances. Read more

Burning Money Wealth Spell For Prosperity

Using money, either torn or burnt, is a popular tactic in many Hoodoo spells. Burning money however is also part of an ancient Chinese tradition which dates back to the 1600s or earlier.In a blend of sympathetic magic and Hoodoo this money spell uses torn up pieces of dollar bills to help attract money. Read more

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