Cultural Issues

A collection of my posts surrounding culture, race, and identity issues…

Hindus Aren’t The Ones Who Need Religious Tolerance Lectures

Can Religious People Be “Cool”?

Pride v.s. Fundamentalism 

Taking Responsibility for Racism

The Problem With White Converts

Conditional Hinduism

Activism Overload: Tell Us How To Help

Trading Away Privilege 

The Truth About Women and Hinduism

Renouncing One’s Faith

Identity is a “first world problem”?

Hoping to Be Born Brown

Which Religion Is “Winning”?

Why do I have to walk on eggshells?

Making Hinduism “Safe”

White Hindu Conversations: Part Four

Non-Desi Hindu: What I Look Like to Others

Why We Must Help

White Hindu Conversations: Part Three

The “Happy Holidays” Fight

Everyone Should Be a Minority

Awareness of your own ethnicity

I Am Not a Statistic

When is a Hat Just a Hat?

Visibility, Passing, and Bindis

Confession: I am fascinated by hijab

White Hindu Conversations: Part Two

But I Have An Indian Friend

Quiz: Religious or Cultural?

Interview with Pava

Interview with Anjali

Interview with Mahesh

Hinduism and Halloween

White People Helping

White Hindu Conversations


In Which I Take a Joke Too Seriously

Cultural Appropriation and Me

Sick and Tired of Being Called “Privileged”

Hinduism Doesn’t Need Me

Why Am I Called the “White” Hindu?

Does a New Religion Mean a New Name?


Russel Peters: Race and Culture

What I Don’t Get About Christianity

Where Does a White Hindu Start?

Christmas is a Problem

Where’s the Husband?

What Makes Me A Hindu?

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