Balance of Good and Bad

My life has become wonderful. Everything I always hoped it would be. I have the doting husband, my own home, and I'm a stay-at-home mom to the sweetest little baby the world may have ever produced!The weird thing is that since all these things have fallen into place, I've been having nightmares.I'm not usually that prone to them but for the last few months I've been having bad dreams just about every night. And they rarely have to do with anything happening to the baby so I don't think … [Read More...]

The Peak of Life

Even though a big part of Hinduism is being present and enjoying what is in front of us right now, I struggle a lot not to stress about losing what I currently have.Right now my life is perfection. I have a wonderful husband and a perfect baby. I own a home and write for a living. Everything that I longed for in my teens and twenties has come to me. And I realized that life is not quite like the role playing video game I had imagined. When you are young you plan for and think about what you … [Read More...]

Are You Not Entertained?

I grew up with a lot of value placed on being present and having quiet times of focus and just being. It is important to have periods of simply existing and connecting with your self and the world around you.Yet even I have fallen victim to the fear of being bored.I pack distractions with me in case of any down time. Books, portable video games, Facebook on my smart phone. I seem to be afraid of any quiet second of just being. I wonder also how much stimulation I should be providing for … [Read More...]

Is Happiness The Point?

We were visiting friends in Ohio last week when this question came up. We were talking about a relative who seemed to be going down a sad path, one in which she was encouraged not to think for herself or question anything. She expresses a desire to marry very young with a courtship and not kiss until her wedding day. Which is not necessarily a bad thing, of course, but one wonders if she truly desires those things or if it's something she's been told to want. It's hard not to worry that people … [Read More...]

Reincarnating Aliens

I ran across this interesting article about the statistical likelihood of the existence of aliens. Usually I would dismiss such things, but this article showed a fascinating analysis of scientific data to suggest that it would be wildly unlikely that an "advanced" alien civilization has never existed (though none might exist at this current time). Definitely worth a read.One thing that I kept thinking about as I read is how that possibility impacts reincarnation.Do our souls sometimes i … [Read More...]

Should We Judge a Religion on the Actions of Its Followers?

I don't know why it took me so long to notice my hypocrisy in this. For a long time it has been easy for me to look at Christianity and Islam and say that there must be something inherently violent or hateful about them because look at the actions of their adherents. Whether it's Christians shooting up an abortion clinic or an Islamic suicide bomber or just a person you meet who says something bigoted, how easy it is to blame the person's religion. To say, look at this behavior and the person's … [Read More...]

Why Am I Not Fully Content?

Not to brag, but my life is perfect. I have the sweetest husband, a beautiful child, a home. I'm blessed to be able to stay home to raise my son. Sometimes I look around my living room at my husband, my son, my dog and my cat and I feel so incredibly lucky. In my twenties I never thought I would have these simple things that I wanted so badly. And now here I am, living my dream.Yet in the back of my mind something constantly niggles at me.After thinking about it, I believe there are two … [Read More...]

Is There Value in Pain?

It's taken me a long time to challenge my assumption that experiencing pain is a valuable and good thing. To some that may sound crazy but I think there's a lot of people out there who assume, as I have, that fully engaging with the world means not escaping from the negative parts. And maybe it's part of the American psyche to think that suffering makes us tougher, stronger, and better.One of my favorite movies is one called My Dinner With Andre. It's a very simple premise of actor/writer … [Read More...]

Is It Wrong to Compare Babies and Animals? (plus baby FAQs)

(Scroll down to find some baby FAQs)I made a comment on my Facebook page the other day about me not having a problem with putting little children on leashes. It generated a fair amount of commentary and one friend said "They're children, not dogs."Yet it seems to me that there's a fair amount of similarity between toddlers and dogs. Selective hearing, for one thing! And getting easily distracted or bolting when they want to check out something interesting.Is it insulting to human … [Read More...]

Why Can’t We Have Certainty?

It's scary to admit doubt.I don't want anyone to think me less of a Hindu because deep in my heart I have fear. I wonder if it's all true. I wonder if I'm wrong and death will be nothing but an ending or an emptiness.Some people seem so very certain of their Gods and their beliefs. I wish I could be that way. I wish I could rest in the certainty that death is only a new beginning. But I'm afraid.It's frustrating that there are no solid answers in this life. We have no proof of any … [Read More...]