Roll Call

Priyanka, a friend from the Facebook page, said that she would like to connect with American Hindus and non-Indian Hindus. I thought for a few minutes about how I might help with that and I decided that I should do a post asking people to introduce themselves. So this is that post! Whether you are an Indian Hindu in India, an Indian Hindu in America, a non-Indian Hindu in India, a non-Indian Hindu in America or anything in between, please… Read more

The One and Only American Hindu

To help me get inspiration and keep up with what’s happening in my world I have some Google alerts set up. One is for the term “American Hindu.” Over the years that I’ve had this alert, nearly all the time it comes up the phrase “American Hindu” is referring to one particular person. This man seems to have a statement for the press about any and everything that happens related to Hinduism in America. I’ve found it pretty funny to… Read more

Roundup: Videos of non-Indian Hindus (Hindu Converts)

I’ve started to stumble upon people doing videos about their journey to Hinduism! So pleased to find that. So I thought I’d gather all the ones I could find. Sharing them is not endorsement. I don’t always agree with everything these Hindu converts said but I am heartened to see so many finding the joy and satisfaction in Hinduism like I have. First off, here is mine! None of the other people in these videos is in the same tradition… Read more

Scripture Study: Bhagavad Gita, book three verses 27 – 30

We are doing a scripture study together: reading along through some scriptures and discussing the passages. Here are all of the posts on the previous verses for the Gita: Bhagavad Gita Study From the Winthrop Sargeant translation of The Gita… 27. Actions in all cases are performed By the qualities of material nature; He whose mind is confused by egoism Imagines, “I am the doer.” 28. But he who knows the truth, O Arjuna, About the two roles of the qualities… Read more

Holi 2017 [Hindu Holiday]

One of Hinduism most fun and inclusive holidays is coming up: Holi! I say inclusive because it’s probably the best holiday for inviting new people and including friends of any religion or background. It’s a joyous and riotous celebration of spring. Holi is all about bright colors, laughter, and friendship. What’s better than running up to a friend and throwing colored powder all over their hair? In fact, holi traditions are so much fun that holi powders are now being… Read more

Round Up: My Mahashivratri and Two Other Blogs

So I made a little video, less than a minute long, documenting my Mahashivaratri last week. Here it is: *** I am so happy to tell you all that my friend Jon, who has been a frequent commenter here at The White Hindu, has started his own blog about being a non-Indian Hindu. He is calling his The Invisible Hindu and I just love that name. Wish I had thought of it! Here’s a little introduction from Jon himself… “Hi,… Read more

Liberals and Islam

I am very liberal. You should know that about me. But when it comes to Islam I have struggles that set me apart from other liberals. I think for most liberals (and most of my friends) defending Muslims is the same as defending any other minority. We care about people having equality and being safe and having the ability to practice their own beliefs without persecution. We believe in that for everyone (yes even those in the majority, even Christians… Read more

This is America Now

Some people find it odd that I blame our president for the shooting of two Hindus, Srinivas Kuchibhotla and Alok Madasani, in Kansas. Yes, there are always people who go off the deep end and murder people. The difference this time, I feel, is that the president encourages feelings of fear and distrust towards immigrants. Not just undocumented immigrants, all immigrants. He has told people that immigrants are to blame for their problems. It is like the movie The Fisher King…. Read more

Hindu Holiday Nail Art!

My nails and I have a rather difficult relationship. Though my hair is thick and strong, somehow my fingernails are neither. They break very easily, nail polish only lasts a couple hours if that, and (to my great frustration) they are constantly dirty. I seem to always have a dark layer of gunk showing under my nails. I had pretty much just given up on them. Then my friend Sue invited me to a “Jamberry” party. I thought it was… Read more

A Hindu & A Buddhist Walk Into A Marriage: What Is The World Made Of?

I had this idea for a video series a while ago and we finally recorded our first one! My husband and I enjoy discussing philosophy and I thought it would be fun to share that with you guys and capture some of our funny conversations that highlight our similarities and differences as a Hindu and a Buddhist/Taoist. Transcript Ambaa: Hi, I’m Ambaa. I’m called “the white Hindu.” I grew up in an Advaitan family, so that is a branch of… Read more

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