Sringeri Week: The Value of Darshan


First of all, darshan is a word that means seeing … [Read more...]

Sringeri Week: Blessings From My Guru

A Little Less Fat Than I Had Been

As you guys know, my husband and I have been … [Read more...]

Sringeri Week: The Guru Knows My Name!


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Sringeri Week: The Shishya Sweekara


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Sringeri Week: How Much I’ve Changed in Four Years!

The New Gate

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Book Club: Eat, Pray, Love: 37-39

eat pray love

The second book in our book club series is Eat, … [Read more...]

Missed Pongol This Year

Unfortunately the way our trip was laid out, … [Read more...]

When You Find Your True Path


During our trip we heard an interesting story … [Read more...]

Meditating at the Ramakrishna Math in Chennai


This gorgeous building is right in the middle of … [Read more...]