Do Moments of Happiness Matter?

Okay, this is a strange thought and not really applicable to real life but I started wondering about it while observing my baby. He is very present. Whatever he is feeling in one moment consumes him and then the next moment it’s something else and whatever came before is gone. Most of the time he is happy and giggling and smiling. Then sometimes, of course, he is crying and upset. And when he’s upset I start to wonder if those… Read more

Does Trump Know You Aren’t Muslim?

If you think Trump can tell the difference between a Muslim and a Hindu, I’m worried for your sanity. He won this election by courting the kinds of Christians who want to make America fully Christian. Maybe they graciously allow a few people of other religions to exist here, but it would be their country. Not only that, but Trump has proudly courted white supremacists. Many of his supporters are people who think that giving equal rights and fair treatment… Read more

The Story of God: Proof of God

Proof of God is a particularly interesting topic. For me, I definitely feel God when I connect to the present moment, when I immerse in nature, when I quiet myself, and when I observe the world. I agree with the physicist that the more we learn scientifically about the world, the closer it brings us to God. I can never understand the people who see science as at odds with divinity. As I always say, if your religion can’t address… Read more

Everyone’s a Little Bit Racist

There seems to be a misperception that liberals are feeling superior to others when talking about racism. In other words, that we are saying, “You guys are racist. We are so much better because we are not.” And being a liberal myself, I don’t know anyone who means it that way (though I can’t discount that maybe there are some people with that little self awareness). I am not even going to get into systemic racism here at all, but… Read more

Degrees of Enlightenment

I’ve noticed that a lot of stories in movies and TV have the premise that regular life is dull and empty. So many characters are trapped in mundane lives devoid of meaning. People in real life too often suggest that you have to go and do something thrilling and unusual to give your life meaning. Like cooking dinner, signing kids’ permission slips, and sitting on the couch watching TV is not enough out of life. And it all seems very… Read more


I can’t believe I’ve lived seven years without my friend Ilana. Time keeps on marching forward (at least from the limited perspective here in maya). Grief is not raw anymore the way it used to be. I think I’ve accepted that she has moved on to another plane of existence. She still sometimes visits me in my dreams and I cherish that time with her. Now that I have a son I am sad that he will never know his… Read more

Zero Waste Resolution Update

It’s been 15 days! Okay, it’s not that impressive that my New Year’s Resolution is still on track…but it is and I’m pleased. I’m highly motivated to keep trash out of the landfill and that is guiding me to make decisions and find the energy  to make more things myself. In other words, a whole lot of cooking from scratch. And even when I’m tired, it’s worth it to not bring a pile of trash into the house to eat… Read more

Garrick Ravi’s Annaprashan

Well I kind of messed this one up. I knew there was a ceremony called Annaprashan sometime in a baby’s first year. But the time flew by and when I looked more closely at what it was, I found out that it is the ceremonial feeding of the first solid food. And Garrick Ravi has already started trying solid foods. We started trying them with him to get him to sleep better at night (which, for the record, did not… Read more

Most Religions…

I’ve been running across this phrase a lot recently. “Most religions *blank*” and I think it shows a monotheistic bias. I understand the idea that all religions have come common ideas. I’m on board with the idea that if Truth is universal then people across all places and times have managed to tap into it. (Naturally, I have a bias and I think that Truth is the clearest in Hinduism). Despite this desire that many people have to find commonalities… Read more

Story of God: The Chosen One

There’s a new season of The Story of God out at National Geographic Channel! This is a really cool show exploring common themes in religions around the world. I’ve seen the first episode of the second season and I think this particular theme is a bit of a stretch. They are speaking about the concept of a “chosen one” in a religion. Though Morgan Freeman says, “Most religions have a chosen one” he then names the three religions that all… Read more

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