Words Don’t Have Meanings

I end up in this debate every once in a while. I struggle to understand the purpose of telling people not to use words the way they do. I know there is this idea that the Sanskrit word for something is the real and correct word. But to me a word only means what we agree for it to mean. We all have slightly different connotations but we can build a bridge of understanding with the imperfect words we have…. Read more

Prayer in School

There is a lot of misunderstanding about prayer in public schools and I think it’s causing undue stress to a lot of people. The truth is kids can pray in school as much as they like. Muslim students can pray in school, Hindu students can pray in school, Christian students can pray in school. What isn’t allowed is for teachers and authority figures to lead prayers or support one religion over another. And if you think about it, that’s a… Read more

Hindu Holidays 2017

There are other  Hindu holidays, festivals, and events, but these are the ones that we celebrate in our family. Click the name to learn more about how to celebrate each one. Here I’ll be talking about my crafts, preparations, and plans. Maha Shivaratri February 24th (Friday) This year I have my own Shiva Lingam (okay I did already have one but it is so small it is barely the size of my thumb). I’ll be putting to use this year… Read more

DIY Home Puja Mandir

For years I have admired and wanted a home puja mandir. They are like tiny temples for your home and many are intricate and lovely. The only trouble is they are extremely expensive whether you buy here in the U.S. or ship here from India. So I’ve long admired them from afar. I was impressed to discover recently that people are making their own home puja mandir. This woman did an IKEA hack and turned a dresser into a home… Read more

Shiva Lingam Devotion How To

My mother brought me my own Shiva Lingam and so I decided to make a video to show you all how my friends and I do devotions every week at the temple for the Shiva Lingam there… [youtube]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=46MjfKInfoM[/youtube] Read more

Ayurveda Cookbook

My mom found this amazing ayurveda cookbook with a ton of information at Yoga Day near her home. You guys know I was curious to learn more about the principals of this Hindu system of health and I found it difficult to get info for a beginner. So my mom brought this ayurvedic cookbook to me and I was blown away by the quality. This is a gorgeous book which is half information about ayurveda and half recipes that support… Read more

It’s Craft Time!

I stumbled across a craft blog that has a ton of interesting and beautiful Hindu-based craft ideas! The first one I came to was a post on how to make faux marigolds. They look stunning and so realistic. I love how she shows a bunch of different ways to use them. I explored some more and found a lot of craft projects that I want to do. She has tons of wonderful ideas and now my mind is dancing with… Read more

Zero Waste 2017 Challenge

It’s coming up on time to make New Year’s Resolutions. I love the opportunity for a fresh start and a renewal of enthusiasm. This year my resolution is to get as close to zero waste as I can. I am super enthusiastic to cut back on waste, especially food packaging waste. So here is an overview of where I’m at now and what I hope to accomplish in 2017. Zero waste is a lofty goal and I don’t expect to… Read more

Purchase the Mahabharata Board Game!

The Mahabharata board game that I designed, Exile In The Forest, is completed and now for sale! (I first told you about this board game in this post) I’m super pleased with how beautiful it came out. It’s an epic adventure game for people who know their way around dice combat. You can download the rulebook for free here (and also purchase the game): https://www.thegamecrafter.com/games/exile-in-the-forest Scroll down for some videos to show you the components and how to play! An adventure game… Read more

The War on Christmas

Spoiler alert: there isn’t a war on Christmas. Every December some people get very upset about those who wish them “happy holidays” instead of “merry Christmas.” To them it looks like they aren’t supposed to fully enjoy Christmas, that the “PC police” are out to get them, and/or that it’s bad to be a Christian these days. And that is not the intention of those wishing you a happy holiday. Despite my mixed feelings about Christmas, I have no problem… Read more