Capsule Wardrobe Challenge WEEK THREE #BindiFashion #Moms30For30

Capsule Wardrobe Challenge WEEK THREE #BindiFashion #Moms30For30 May 20, 2017

I can’t believe how fast May is flying by. More than half way through already. Tomorrow is Garrick Ravi’s first birthday! Watch my Youtube channel for a video coming soon of shaving his head and doing a birthday arti.

Here is last week’s post on my #moms30for30 wardrobe challenge:

Capsule Wardrobe Challenge WEEK TWO #BindiFashion #Moms30For30

And here are my outfits from this previous week…







bindi fashion
Added a shrug to this one to cover bra straps, so that wasn’t in the original ten items!

One thing that has been really helping me with putting these looks together is the Stylebook app. Here is a video on how I used it for this challenge:

I’m going to be starting a new Youtube channel soon so I have someplace to talk about clothes, hair, nails, and other not very spiritual interests!


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  • Sanjeev Maheshwari

    According to the Grhya Sutras, Mundana(Shaving of child’s head) of child should take place at the end of first year or before the expiry of the third year.  

    The rite is performed as a special ceremony with chanting of Vedic Sanskrit mantras by priests. .

    The child’s head is shaven and a single strand of hair is then symbolically offered to a holy river.  

    This ceremony is believed to mark the point in the child’s life when the mother’s influence is reduced, and the influence of the father becomes dominant.  With the father’s influence, the child’s education is also believed to begin.


    A muhurta and a suitable location (the temple, the home, or the banks of a river) are selected.. 

    On the appointed day, the child is bathed and dressed in new clothes. The mother sits with the child to the west of the Agni homam.  The father stands to the right of the mother and offers oblations to the fire. The cut hair is placed on a mound of humped vedic cow  dung.

    After the hair is shaved off, it is collected and mixed with cow dung and  buried. This is done so that no one can use the hair in sorcery to harm the child using Atharva Veda vashikaran mantras .    

    After the ceremony is over, there is a feast . It is compulsory to feed a few poor people with good food.

    • Ambaa

      Good information! I wish you told me this before! lol. I talked it over with a Hindu friend and she encouraged me to do it without the priest. We did a real simple thing at home on his first birthday.