A DWTS Waltz Celebrates Fatherhood

A DWTS Waltz Celebrates Fatherhood April 9, 2012

I’ve mentioned before that I’m a pulling for Mark Ballas and Katherine Jenkins on this season’s Dancing with the Stars.  (How could I pull for anyone else?)

But even if I hadn’t made my decision about whom I’m supporting, I would’ve become their fan during their last performance.  The theme of the week was to pick a year that meant the most to you.  Katherine chose 1996, the year her father died of lung cancer.  If you didn’t get a chance to see the segment celebrating the life of her father, watch it here:

Mark apparently didn’t let her watch this clip before their dance began, because he didn’t want her to get too emotional.  He made a good decision, because their dance scored a 29 out of 30 and was a beautiful and moving tribute to her father.

On Monday night, Mark and Katherine will have to dance the Paso doble.  Tune in to see them dance – and make sure you vote for them.

Go, Mark and Katherine!

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  • Oh goodness, I knew I shouldnt have watched that! I definitely cried!

    I lost my father to cancer Oct.2, 2010. It was and is the hardest thing I’ve ever gone through and there isnt a second that goes by that I dont think of my dad.

    One of the things he was able to do before he got sick was go see your mom on the campaign trail in Colorado Springs CO, where he lived. He really enjoyed it and when your mom’s first book came out I went to JBER for a book signing and sent him a signed copy. He couldnt stop telling people about it 🙂 I moved to Alaska in March 2008 and my father never made it up here before his passing, but I know he would have loved it here(in the summer anyway, LOL).

    Thanks for sharing this video Bristol, I really connected with it.

  • My Dad had Alzheimers. When he moved in with me, he was like a 5 yr old little boy. As the disease progressed, it was hard to see him slowly slip away. The last 9 months were the hardest plus I was going through a divorce after 25yrs of marriage. Dad eventually died in my living room. Through it all, my Rock,Jesus the Christ , kept me going and never left nor forsook me. Thanks for the posting, it was beautiful.

  • Dennis McHale

    I know now I chose the wrong profession. To say I’m jealous of Mark with the ladies is an understatement.

  • bellagrazi

    I didn’t see Katherine and Mark’s Waltz, but I did see Bristol and Mark’s. It was breathtakingly beautiful, Bristol. I still remember your mom mouthing “beautiful” with tears in her eyes. That Slow Waltz will never be topped. IMHO

    • Georgia

      Mark and Bristol’s Slow Waltz will never be topped. So “Beautiful”.

  • Judi

    Yes, they danced a beautiful waltz and definitely deserved a great score. Personally, I thought they should have had a 30 but you know Len.

  • Millie

    I fully agree with judi and bellagrazi about yours and Mark’s waltz. It was
    so beautiful and I also don’t think it can be topped. You were amazing!!!

    • Georgia

      May I second that? Bristol and Mark’s waltz was so very lovely and will certainly be hard to beat.

  • Georgia

    You are such a good person and friend to Mark Ballas, Bristol. I hope he realizes how special you are.

  • Joseph

    She and Mark danced beautifully to this!!! I really feel sorry for Katherine of what she had to go through with her dad; my heart goes out to her. This really was a beautiful tribute to her dad! Keep up the good work Katherine and Mark! And thanks for sharing, Bristol!

  • Its small wonder with all thats going on that one could concentrate… LOL

  • Janice Allyson

    I love them, they get all of my votes every week. Hope they win.

  • Inquiring Mind

    What are your thoughts on Melissa Gilbert’s fate on DWTS ending up in the hands of the doctors?

    If it were me in that situation, I’d follow Brian Urlacher’s approach to having one’s bell rung. I’d tell them I tweaked my knee or something… but I don’t want my fate in a competition hanging on anything more than how I competed.

    • Jan

      We have a rule we’ve agreed on at our house. If DWTS shows an X-ray of the contestant, we refuse to vote for that celebrity. They should be wise enough to take care of their body.

  • jojo

    Nope, sorry! Can’t vote for them because #1)don’t vote just because of the pro and #2)she has had a ton of dance/performance experience and has an unfair advantage. (She’s alos not that popular in UK lately after her public break up with a beloved personality) 🙁 DWTS is about the “journey” and LEARNING how to dance.
    I’ll continue to vote for a couple that is more deserving.

  • Jan

    We were voting for Gladys Knight. Now that she was eliminated, we will vote for Kathryn and Mark. I hope they win.